RSS, Solo RBGs, arenas, rbgs - the community will split even more

I think the big issue with solo queues is the fact that its even less player interaction, and people are rude, because there is basically no setback for it.
If you find people in lfg and continue to be toxic people will not want to que.
If you are toxic in solo queues, you go next.

Tbh the idea of a rated bg shuffle is way vetter than a 3v3 shuffle exp i mean rbg only wabt premade and 5000k xp ppl the lfg system is as you say outdated anyway.

Did they say they will reward hero there aswell via shuffle?

i mean 7/10 i meet in lfg im toxic to them too cause the rating and exp they have is cause someone boosted it to them

and if someone is not in comms with them constantly telling what is happening in the game they will run alone other side of the map when you finally gain chance to drink

and i dont want to play with them further i go look for next guy who read game better i hope, im not very kind to this type players but its a lesson they need to learn and continue practise their awareness if they wish to push on their own merrits someday

dps players specifically have this common idea that they need to be doing dmg constant even when there is nothing on the healer due to drs or ccs or cause they just entered there to do pve instead pvp and this is the most annoying type ppl to heal cause theyre tanking cds and overstaying constant and doing meaningless dmg and just draining your mana

its the same i see in shuffles how people commonly int rounds when theyre overstaying enemy cds and tank it all and force healer to just pump on the guy when they could just withdraw from it and wait it fall, ppl have this idea that they need to be hitting something constant and its very dumb

Yeah I like the idea of Solo Q RBG a lot.

Because unlike arenas, rated battlegrounds truly do take forever to make a full group of the classes you want in it.

It’s less punishing for everybody.

I just wonder if the mentality of losing the first teamfight into afk letting them win (which is a current rated bg thing) will transfer on there. I think it’s usually stupid to just instantly give up once your team got wiped once, but then again people don’t want to waste time I guess…

has there been anything announced on what happens when people inevitably leave these solo rbg matches?

averagely 3 people will leave your games and how is the rated match handled forwards

I think the exact opposite will happen - Shuffle will die off because the bottleneck (healers) will heavily favour RBGs instead of the abomination which Shuffle is right now. You don’t immediately lose a round when somebody dies, it’s not a pseudo 1v1 against another healer anymore, MMR will hopefully be better for healers (instead of being outright discriminating like it is right now), no dampening, can queue with a friend, don’t need to solo heal and, probably the most important thing, it’s a new and fresh mode which is much easier to get into.


Did they say how many rounds it will have or is it just 1 round would be hilarious if they make 3 rounds or something

I think solo queue BG’s will be fun. Since BG’s were primarily intended as a solo queueable experience in the first place, it makes sense for their rated version to be the same. It was always difficult to get a full RBG group together. And I would quite frankly prefer for it to stay 10v10 - Blizzard claims that there is approximately 1 healer per 3-4 DPS, so a team of 7-8 DPS, 0-1 tanks, and 2 healers sounds like it will produce short queues.

I will never understand why they chose to do Solo Shuffle instead. Solo Shuffle has got to be, by far, the most toxic I have ever seen this community. It’s literally a flamewar every single game without exception. Someone always gets flamed or put down or yelled at. Sometimes it’s me, and sometimes it’s someone else. Like I got belittled as a mage in a lobby with 1 DH, 2 shamans, and 2 hunters. I had one heck of a time, let me be clear. And just this last lobby I got flamed for being bad even though I went 5-1. It’s just unbelievable.

If we’re worried about fragmentation, I’d remove the current RBG, make it 6-man, do solo RBG’s for 10v10, remove solo shuffle, and keep 2v2 and 3v3.

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The gameplay itself isn’t that fun either I think. Not as a healer, for obvious reasons, but you’ll get tunneled all the time, too, if you’re playing certain specs. I just want to /afk out when I’m on 0/6 after 3 rounds.

I wouldn’t mind seeing these modes go extinct to be fair. I think PvP may improve if Blizzard doesn’t make sweeping “balancing patches” anymore, which are based mostly on 3v3.

Also, Hi Ishayu!


I think 3v3 has a lot of potential and I don’t really mind it being the main focus of PvP, personally, but I can certainly well understand why it might not be to everybody’s taste. Personally, I think it tends to get a little chaotic and hard to read unless you play a CC-burst comp.

In any case, tried to get a little into arena again these last few days because I just felt saturated with M+, but I’m seriously not having a good time. :confused: Was my favourite activity back in the day and spent tons of time in the arena. But idk, this solo shuffle deal just ain’t doing it. It’s way too toxic.

good, i would like to not play with lowskilled andys who are playing shuffle

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Why do you want to force people then not to be able to play with their friends? There is a common ground and add solo queue to the premade queue. If you are asocial - fine play alone but let people enjoy the game with their friends.

If anything solo RBGs will work better than RSS, why? Because there are more specs and even if you are playing something B tier you can have impact but won’t be 1/3 of a team and do better.

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give us no-healer competitive mode, would be ultra fast queues

I am not the one who opened a thread complaining about regular arena still being in the game. :wink:

But this sentence alone

makes it a game where you can’t achieve anything as a returner or new player. You think that is a great and fair design? How it should be? How long would PvP survive that? Haven’t you seen how PvP died during SL?

I don’t, but why do you want to force people into premade content, just because you want or need them to boost your mmr?

You think so? I know quite a few people who only keep playing currently because of solo shuffle. I think it would end up like Shadowlands where LFG and arena was just dead.

PvP is dying because of class design. At the end of the day the class design is the only thing that truly matters because it alone determines whether it’s fun to fight another player.

I just think solo shuffle is toxic because of how people talk in there. I report more people for language in 2 hours in there than I’ve done since I started playing the expansion. I don’t think it’s a good format for WoW and I said so from the onset, but I don’t think solo shuffle is what killed or will kill PvP.

make solo shuffle 1 round i might actually wanna play it.

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Because of neglect, really, years of neglect.

-class design
-cheesy abilities
-balance between casters and melee
-lack of guidance for new players
-entry level of PvP for new players is too high
-the lowest form of PvP, random BGs, being dominated by a few specs only
-cheating and boosting
-player’s toxic attitude


Solo queue is necessary for the game.

I’m done with LFG !!

During Shadowlands s3 and s4, I spent many hours in LFG waiting for someone to queue with …

Right now, you can’t even find LFG groups at 2.1+ …

Keep 2s and 3s for premades/friends, but improve SoloQ by adding more rewards and incentives to it.


I’m fine with SoloQ staying, I’m 50/50 on shuffle staying
But they need to delete Blades Edge Arena asap
That map is actually god awful and very few players like it

They also need to nerf mms that do 70k dps by just pressing 2 buttons and missing every trap

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