Russian premade

sick to death of russian premade in epic bgs


Okey. And what need do?

Играйте как обычные игроки, не входите в раунд с более чем 5 людьми.
И не фармите кладбища. Это все.

Don’t join with more than 5 and don’t farm graveyards.

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Also don’t skip fights against other premades, makes things more interesting.

For donate at stream i can do something what you want :slight_smile:

and the first one to reply is the one that is doing it

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Interesting because I see premades now all the time …and it’s very rarely full Russian premades.
I don’t care where they come from but premades are sickening and I almost stopped pvping, because the fun is gone because Blizzard’s lack of actions are giving premades a freepass in random bgs.
Who wants to be farmed over and over…NOONE!


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