Russians in BGs

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I dont know what to say, on de forum when I read people report each other. I posted some people reporting each other screens to my friend from de forums as well. my friend said nobody cares on eu forums to regulate it. They are just posting none stop.

Depends on community. On Russian forums people will mass report you if u against their opinion, even if your opinion is not wrong.


on de forums some people got perma ban , they cant post anymore. others are just be careful. people mass reporting if they type something that violates code of conduct.

Reported both you for stupid reports, toxic childs.


Reported you for reporting stupid comments.

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I dont care , we call police for our neighbour if they make voice too. Dont flood system with things that doesnt violate code of conduct.

Cry more


Sorry, why are you here again?

You report a post that clearly doesn’t need reporting because it was nothing more than a bit of friendly sarcasm (which seems clearly beyond your grasp of comprehension) then you come alive to the responses that emerge from your comment? Do you know how sad and rather tragic that is?

I mean is this how you socialize? Because if it is (which I strongly believe to be the case) then I really, and I say this in all sincerity, really feel sorry for you.

That you didn’t even understand my comment speaks volumes. I’m still trying to understand why you’re even here. I feel so sorry for you. I feel I need to reach out to you, that you need some form of help because normal people just don’t do things like this.


we have different values, its how it is.

I didnt mean to offend you.

I have many friends with same value as me.Family members are the same… I asked about your post today to my friend.

My friend said , weird do people see repoters as threat?

You are not used to it , because posting on eu forums. Try to use de and ru forums , you will see how people often use report function.

Listen I dont know where are you from , I dont bother with that

De forums , people report each other , dk said russian forums are the same.

Translate it , you will see.

It sounds pretty pathetic over there. Do you all tell your mam aswell?

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Its sad to complain about someone playing too good.

But this is so true…theyre playung like they would get executed irl if they lose…

I don’t care about wich country do premades, besides Russians there aslo EU premades. Everytime i q in EBG 9/10 games is about tryhard against ally premades. Tbh, this is annoying. I just want to get fun and don’t do any advanced tactics tryhard and move around all map for 40 mins -2 hrs. Why don’t you play RBG guys? I don’t understand why people so much tryhard in fun conent? Too bad for competetive?

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Russian culture greatly belongs to eu/western culture, not asian. If you want to win, then play it properly. Fingerpointing russians all the time doesn’t solve anything.

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can someone just explain me what is the point of farming normal bgs as premade?
It is 0 fun to stomp
It has 0 rewards

You get more honor and conquest (and other rewards) from playing rbgs

maybe russians don’t have the rated bg button?


People even pay real money to play in EBGs premades.

Words of truth right here. Man up EU!

okay… and what is the benefit of that?

You should ask who paid for that. Mb they feel better cuz they farm pugs, mb they like to be in a big coordinated grp or whatever else. Mb they just sell honor grind, or honor levels grind. On RMT sites its exist. Also i know 100% that for few Russian RL game is a job, people send donations them.