Russians make pre-mades to feed each other


I played several games with russians in epic bg’s, mostly AV’s where i stumbled on a new (for me) phenomenon, where they create small pre-made (5 or 10 man) one of them take leader role and leader coordinates his team in such way so he can feed as much as possible the opposite team with Honor Kills. Bringing this up gets you insta kick, where they abuse kick system by mass voting on the person in question and pressing “player is afk” multiple times, resulting in insta kick.
Btw i’ve noticed that big pre-mades (all 40 man) are quite rare.
Also one more conspiracy theory - they do not use cheats, they just follow they leader almost blindly, which makes them one solid team. Most of mixed (english speaking) teams have no idea what team play means, despite this being HUGE 40vs40 team game and try to play as solo Kings and losing ofc and then coming here and crying.
Also one thing russians rarely do during bg’s is that they almost never flame each other, recognising this is most destruptive thing one player can do to his team mates.


Strange world we live in where people not cheating is considered a conspiracy theory…


technically having above 5 in a premade is cheating as it is supposed to be capped at 5


I was referring to the other “conspiracy” mentioned later in the post.

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Russians have good communication with each other, and it’s really true they are going as a team.Their coordination sometimes, makes me jealous.

That’s why some people scream about them.

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We scream not against russians, we say russians and germans should be mixed together with rest of EU. It s not the same thing when your team consists in people from England, Swededn, netherland, italy, greece, portugal, israel, turkey, katar, albania, bulgaria, romania, belgium etc and the other team has only russians.

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Well, firstly do not scream :rofl:

Players who play on English servers still know basic English.

If you explain to the team that the team should do, this will significantly increase your chances of winning.

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not all of them, actualy it is quite seldom you get a full group of people in a bg, where all knows english, now.


This is what I’ve been complaining about. Having teams that all speak the same language, is a benefit to said team whilst the opposition are sometimes even lucky to get a word from players.


now i have played 13 40v40 and 10 of them are against Russian. I say that’s is a big problem there. how can i meat 10 russian team in one day. i now alot of EU player are in the que for 40v40 to. i think there is a big problem i have meat the same player the most of the time… how can that be if you arent do a premade ???

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