Sabotage BGS after this week

Alliance the time has come for us to be an alliance and do something about blizzard’s horde love.

I suggest we all stop que-ing for bgs starting next week when HvH test no. 2 will be over, lets give them 5 hour ques not 40 min ones.

Or at least stop solo q, just premades so we have decent win rate and they get 2 hours que and gy farmed in bg by premade.

Btw @Kaivax you can keep your 2 cloths and 1g for BG win, i’ll kill 3 mobs it’s 200 times faster.

That’s all.


Yeah or you could unsub and go play something else. I think the message would get across even better that way.

Also ZT alliance players really shouldn’t be complaining. You’re the only players in all of WoW who’ve had both open world dominance and short BG queues since classic.


Fully agree with you, it’s time for Alliance to rise and boycott this madness.

We are tired of Blizzard favouring Horde!


we don’t care lol we’ll just quit like we did these 2 weeks and come back when it’s HvH time.
keep getting stomped by pugs meanwhile alliance it’s fun to see you all losers come here and complain :wink:


Y’all stopped queueing even before your suggestion. Some didn’t even start queueing ever.


they barely queue for their karazhan raids hahahhahha

And how can you even compare bonus from BG’s (where u r supposed to get nothing) to gold farming. It’s just a bonus not a gold farm.

Haha imagine whining about Horde finally being able to play bgs without having 1-2 hour queues, after you guys had instant queues and the ability to play premades vs non-premades for the last 2 years. Fk off.


ally are trash players overall, they needed the edge tbh. but it’s just not fair so gg alliance

It was meant as an incentive for people who normally don’t pvp to que up and lower your que times, obviously blizzard tests this to see if it can be implemented in place of that HvH abomination, but they will not get accurate data since they also removed premades.

People will que at start and when they will win 1 out of 5 bgs for 2 pieces of cloth they will stop.

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Majority of horde gave up with BGs anyway as sitting in hour long queues is not fun. Alliance completely stopping BGs wouldn’t change anything but feel free to go for it and see what happens.

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yeah lets all boycott the game until there is no game anymore!
very good reasoning btw


At this point, I’m convinced that hordies just literally cannot wrap their heads around the issues. I guess that’s what makes them resort to insults instead


did you ever wonder what is like to not being able to play the game and being mocked for it? oh you can’t sorry you play alliance instaque noob faction

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I play alliance because i have played alliance since i started to play wow untill the moment i quited playing retail in wod.

You mean like alliance on PvP servers? Where you cannot farm anything, can barely quest, cant use summoning stones etc? Keep insulting tho

You can play the game. You’re just throwing a fit that you have to wait to play a certain game mode



No wonder the stronghold of the Alliance rerolled Horde for Classic.

You are - and have always been - a bunch of weak crybabies.


Ok /10char


Totally not about the massive advantages that horde has as a faction.

Not sure this will achieve what you hope it would. That will more than likely guarantee that same faction BGs will become permanent because over half their player base will be unable to queue for BGs :man_shrugging:t3: