SAME [A][Gehennas] English-speaking

SAME Gehennas PVP Alliance || English-speaking

Semi-hardcore raiding guild that allows a real life but keeps the requirements up to ensure a pleasent raiding experience.
Founded and led by experienced players both from Vanilla and Retail along with a well-structured leadership and organization.
Community outside of World of Warcraft that allows you to find new friends!
Currently at 240+ members and more joining for each day!

Enjoy Classic World of Warcraft with like-minded players.
Establish a fun and engaging community on Gehennas.
Reconnect with past players within the community.

We are currently raiding every second tuesday/wednesday to allow players to spend less gold on respeccing to PvP/PvE. You need PvE-specs during raids. When we move over to progression we are raiding wednesdays and sundays, the times listed below.
Raiding begins at 19:30 and ends at 23:00 Server time but will decrease as content becomes easier. Current progress is 10/10 Molten Core - 1/1 Onyxia. Onyxia is done with two groups with roughly 20 players in each.

Transparent Loot Council with multiple voters.
Loot distribution based on raid benefit, attendance, performance and other factors. Spending time and resources will result in loot in the long run regardless of what spec or role you are playing.
Comprehensive document with which class we consider the item being the biggest benefit for both individually and for the guild.

For more information u can contact Immersion on gehennas or on our discord.
Applications can be sent on our discord.


» Paladin Healer - HIGH

» Warrior Damage - MEDIUM

» Priest Healer - HIGH

» Druid Healer - HIGH

» Druid Damage/Tank - MEDIUM

» Hunter Damage - LOW

Alternatively, you can whisper any Officer in the guild.
Note that you do not need to be a future raider to join. Anyone can join as a social and later down the road become a raider of you so desire!


Still recruiting

Currently recruiting all classes for BWL

Best guild EU.

Bwl launch on gehenass nothing more to say, come fap with us

We are also open to groups of friends that would like to join. msg me and we will see if we can fit u in.

amazing guild, 6/5

Updated the classes that we are recruiting.

Litteraly the best guild on gehennas

Updated the classes we recruit.

Recruiting for BWL!

BWL Hype! still recruiting to bolster the raidteam.

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