Same trinkets on PTR

I’ve seen Echoing Resolve, Resonator and Fastidious Resolve. If these trinkets are going to still be there in 9.2.5 I can assure you that plenty of people will quit.

Also Blizzard you need to react to meta. H Priest is insanely broken and it needs to be adjusted. Your nerfs so far did noting. H priest just needs healing and damage nerf. The dominance of H Priest is just inasne. Other specs that need adjustments are Outlaw and Fury Warriors. There are literally no changes. Instead of removing absolutely stupid trinkets you try to remove Demon Armor.

Community just doesn’t want these trinkets - check your forums. They are terrible. Instead of adjusting the game to the trinkets that next expansion might be gone just remove them. Admitting mistake is fine - just pretending it is fine and losing players isn’t.


Season 4 will already be bad, if they keep these trinkets it’s just going to make it worse