Save classic: Free transfer to new global server

An idea to save classic could be to make a global server everyone could transfer freely to.

If we’re lucky we could reach about 500-1K population. A large size community will also attract more people to come back to classic instead of wandering off to other games.


We still need at least 2 servers. 1 PvP and 1 PvE. Preferably a RP-PvE as well.

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Blizzard tend to go for four realm types. PvE, PvP, RP-PvE and RP-PvP.

World wide realms will not work, if they were feasible Blizzard would have done them already.

I think the third letter needs to be a v not an f.


It s all your fault , “nooo bliz ,i cannot play dungeon because i get killed 100 Times in 10minutes by Horde , pls bliz give at us Pve Realm because i Just want to play with my Friends” “No bliz, PvP Realms are under populated by Alliance while zug zug dominate the realm and we have 10% win rate and i get killed 100 Times by Horde, pls bliz give at us incentive to play ally”

Got to love packrats that think they are superior because they can prey on lone stragglers.

you do realize that because of this attitude of yours most of the people that were on the fence about moving on to tbc, did it anyway? Tbcc has it’s problems, but it seems the most toxic of the people remained in vanilla classic. Good riddance, now try to fill those 40 man slots LOL.

The problem It s “i was Ally for short Quee”
“I have no incentive to play ally”
“Ally have useless racials while Horde racials are OP”
“It Is Wotf racial the problem , not Fear itself”
“40/60 It s too much unbalanced”
“I pray for ironforge everyday, it’s my Bible”
“All fault of Actibliz, they don’t care about us! They are Just greedy people”

Nope. Maybe eventually you’ll realize that no one outside your 100 player bubble wants to play on fully progressed servers that’s been around for too long. Only way to “save” classic is fresh. Ideally that happens when wrath launches or when TBC has gotten too stale.

So I hear you enjoy the elitist scene that TBC is offering.

For some strange reason this person wants to open AQ gates on her own.

who wants to play that crap of game anyway.

there is a lot of that, true, but because of the numbers there are a lot of ppl that take things slowly and do not meta zerg the content. I have yet to see a majority of people that disregard world buffs tho.

My p-serv, fully progressed for years, has currently 4000 active players, which is the number we see on official servers. I think most ppl just don’t see why they should pay for a service they can obtain for free.

Activision needs to offer a better (or other) experience than p-serv if they want these customers back. They have to find market attractiveness for their product.

“Better experience than p-serv” could be either fresh restart or classic+ (or both : a fresh server which continues into phase 7, 8, 9 after naxx).

i would also suggest that during transfer the server indicates the population of horde vs alliance, let’s you choose a faction change during the process and puts restrictions to balance the server.

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