Save Up to 30% on Select Game Services for A Limited Time

Save Up to 30% on Select Game Services for A Limited Time

Experience life on the other side in World of Warcraft® with Faction Change Bundles. For a limited time, transfer your character or characters for less with the Paid Character Transfer service.

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Overpriced scam.
Faction change should be 10, and first realm transfer should be 10 for char as well.

Please make it so that alliance and hord can also join each other custom groups in the group finder! Alliance is way dead, we need more help still.

dude that is like a thing do you even play game/read battlnet?

Pre-Order, Dragonflight, when pls? Blizz!

Not for custom…dude. Yes we did get premade groups, but I want custom as well :slight_smile: And stop with the aggressive trolling<3

Remember when the discount used to be 50% ?
And that was before they raised the prices.


They are greedy .

I don’t mind the high prices of mounts and such, because those are luxury products. But services cost way too much.


sameeeeeeeeeee big same.

You should have put the game on sale as well. Don’t wanna pay full price at the end of an expansion lol.

Save 30% you say? That’s nice, no trolling.

But since I’m not interested in any of it, I guess I’m saving about…hm 100% ?

My math is…clouded for the time being. :sunglasses:

Wish I knew this yesterday when I bought one at full price… :sweat_smile:

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These prices are not great.


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