#SaveTheChat // Update HonorSpy - It has been fixed


we <Tantrum> made a post on forums (#Save-Gehennas-chat) about HonorSpy addon causing chat servers to lag and about our attempts to save Gehennas-eu chat by doing a script that prevents the addon from sending messages that widely.

From this post the creator of HonorSpy addon, Kakysha contacted me and we had quite long conversation about the addon and how he has tried to prevent this from happening. The addon has been fixed so it does not sync the data between whole server anymore, but instead inside a guild (which is a lot less data moving around). The new version does exactly the same than our script on #SaveGehennas project – it kicks all the old versions away from the channel, and prevents them from sending huge amounts of data at once (new version on github https://github.com/kakysha/HonorSpy/commits/classic/honorspy.lua). Kakyshka asked our help to spread the knowledge of the updates and about the fact that it has been fixed.

More people that notice this post and downloads the new version (updated 3.12.2019) less lag there will be on our beloved game. Let’s spread the knowledge of this post as a community and make the game playable again.

Another thing you can do is that if you are the moderator / owner of HonorSpySync channel in-game while having the new version of the addon installed you can save the WHOLE server alone, since the new version kicks the old ones away and prevents them from sending big data patches.

edit: HonorSpy addon still syncs some data thru server-wide channels, but it is minor compared to what it used to be. So data is still accurate and the addon works as it used to work

If you are interested about us as a guild you can visit Tantrum.one and join our discord for a brief chat.

ps. what I found funny was that according to Kakysha Blizzard has not tried to contact him and most likely don’t even have any idea what is causing the lag.

tldr: Honorspy addon creator asked our help in <Tantrum> to spread the knowledge of the latest fixes on the addon. Update the addon to minimize the data sent by it and to transform the chat back to its normal state.

Mexe, Gehennas-eu

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