Screen Resizing Often

(Zouxie) #1

I assumed after the patch well mini patch we had today that this bug be fixed however this screen resizing bug only happens upon the following;

1: Changing zones ie: Zandalar to Kul Tiras vice versa
2: Hearthing
3: Entering dungeon / Raid
Probably more but not checked yet.

This is kinda annoying I have disabled all addons and then retried everything and did the switching zone one and low and behold it happened again.

I think this maybe related to the screen resolution option trying to change each time I maybe wrong. Now some will say play in Fullscreen (Windowed) I would but after a bit it starts to make me feel dizzy and sick only happens in WoW for some reason that I can play other games in Fullscreen and feel fine ie: Overwatch, Skyrim, etc so don’t bother suggesting that as it’s a waste of your time typing it.

This issue only happened upon 8.1.5 going Live before that my game has practically been fine per say the combat bug I had a few days ago which was in 8.1.

EDIT 1: Also my game has been eating up so much more RAM than usual prior to 8.1.5 it would use an average 2-2.5 gig now certain times it’s spiking to 3.2 to 3.8 gig I only have 8 gig’s RAM and 2VRAM but why all of a sudden has WoW become a massive RAM hungry game?

So does anyone know any fixes to this screen resizing issue or am I to put up with it till Blizzard fixes it.

Not sure if this helps but my GPU is GTX 750 Ti I know it’s an old GPU but money is tight and I’d rather not buy a new GPU when I’d rather buy a new PC which I need but until then we’ll see.

I could consider upgrading my GPU but I don’t think it’s that as an issue as there is an update I’ve just not chosen to update it yet but if it was my GPU then I’d have had this issue in 8.1 hence why I’ve not updated my GPU software etc.

So any help is much appreciated, thanks in advance.

EDIT 2 POSSIBLE FIX: Change your Direct X from 12 to 11 so far it has not changed my resolution.


Thanks for updating your thread Zouxie, glad to hear the issue has been resolved.

How’s my driving? Let me know!

(Zouxie) #3

I would have to say its a Direct X12 bug with WoW 8.1.5 working in Windowed mode I’ll do a bug report in-game at least finding that it’s a DX12 bug could make it easier to fix.

FIX: Change your Direct X from 12 to 11 this will stop your resolution changing.