Searching for a good soul

Can someone please help me and buy me a subscribtion i rly dont have any money and i love the game i have 5 20 lvl characters , i realy wanna see what my champ can do at 60 lv… please …

to post in forum you must have a subscription…so why you asking for it?

People without subs can post in a couple of forums, like Support and Newcomers. This is useful so they can ask for information or help.

I see no one has volunteered yet, Athinna. I wish you luck, but it would be unusual for someone to give the money.

If you do get a month’s play-time, it is possible to make enough gold in the month to buy a Token so you can continue playing, Not easy, and will take a lot of time starting from scratch, but possible.

Given two months of play-time to start, it is definitely achievable to maintain enough gold income each month to continue playing forever, but it will require hours each month dedicated just to buying your monthly Token. A great many people do that.

It’s that first month or two, when you need to level your characters and get established, that is hard to get past.