Season 4 is DEAD

Trying to do some games 3s and push and all I face 90% of the game is 3k +xp mglads and rank 1’s at 1.9k - 2k mmr, this season is dead there are literally no players playing. What is the current wow pvp population like 500 people? This is really sad state of the game, well cya next expansion guys lol


Cya in soloq :slight_smile:

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Well Blizzard dont balance the game for 6-8 months what can we expect :man_shrugging:


i wanted to gear up yesterday, played one bg and it was such a fiesta getting one tapped by mm hunters and other stuff that i logged out and played another game.

this gearing is ruining it for me. currently have maybe 1h playtime a day so i will fall behind and be just cannon fodder, so not fun

-1 playere right here


Welcome to every season of every recent expansion after season 1. Over 50% of the people on gladiator mounts paid for boosting services. Also funny to whine about “3k +xp mglads” while playing the stereotypical PVP try hard female orc and with Naxx transmog, whenever I see someone playing a female orc in arena I know it’s a neckbeard behind it.

Are you mad to not get piss easy gladiator mount?

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I wouldn’t want to wear a sign around my neck saying I’m a neckbearded loser with a mount that lets out fart gasses which are visually annoying and makes an even more annoying ambient sound.

You already have that sing when ur playing belf male :slight_smile:

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That haunted need to play or else i fall behind in gear together with the fact that i also must continue playing every day every hour to have a chance to upgrade my gear makes me not want to play.

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They never balance at all.

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You have issues buddy. Seek help.

just checked your armory and you skipped whole season 3 then you come back and complain about gearing & getting oneshotted like how is it blizzards fault that you dont even play game & expect to be max gear or get free items? also -1 player? lol time to shut down servers i guess :clown_face:

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Dont listen Bua the lock he will try get you help summon a Doomguard but lets out the detail that one of you will die in the process :smiling_imp: :joy:

He is a warlock like Gul’dan! A villain in betrayers regalia :japanese_goblin:

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I wonder if a thread in the arena forums will ever not reside to crap talking each other within the first 5 posts.

Half of the reason why I’ve stopped playing is because of how disgustingly toxic people are in the PvP “community”


I always love this “i wouldn’t have wanted it anyways” reply.

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Good. It deserves to be dead.

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maybe you need to learn how to read amory first.
i am totally undergeared with ilvl 281

i am very sure those 6-7 ilvl i am missing will reduce those 60k hits suddenly to 20k

and yes i complain about the gearing syatem as much as i want.
if you want to waste 20h afk in a bg to gear up so that you are still 20% behind the rest then it is because you live in this game most likely and never miss anything
I currently dont have time to play arena. if they think you should quit the game because of that, i guess they will win.

i just want to queue up and play without finding people first. especially at night there are no people anyways

Watched drainur play 2100mmr and the ladder is so dead he literally just switching healers according what they facing so they counter it in next and they just fight same ppl :orangutan: :grin:

It was not fun at all :upside_down_face: Like I face him with very good demo, we win, I write my heal “cba doing vault on these sweaty guys”, log next game - again drainer but with counterpick now :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Ye I saw it :joy: He was counterpicking constantly and the ladder is so rip

Ik its like iq 200 to do this and min/max but blizz pls :pray:

Maybe not reset the shortest and most boring season of time :joy: :man_shrugging:

Idk man sometimes I feel like this game is ran by simian and even zoos have specimen who have more clue what they are doing :orangutan: