Season of mastery long term future

I was just playing SoM, and it occurred to me that I have been putting a lot of time and effort into classic, and with SoM I stand to do the same, starting from scratch, again.
This got me to thinking is it all worth it?
I mean I like the faster levelling due to exp increase, and I like that it now has the group finder tool, but, am I going to get two or three characters to max level and then find there is another new version coming along, and everyone goes to THAT version, leaving SoM like classic (with not many players, thus making AH useless, and grouping tougher etc as classic now is)?
Does anyone know the future for this version of classic? does it have a future even, or is it going to be a time filler until the NEXT version comes along?
I was quite happily playing classic, even with reduced player base after TBC, but now there are even less folks there.

Why enjoy something when you can ask strangers if you are allowed to enjoy something.


I’ll probably not participate in all seasons.
Depends really how different the experience will be for each season.
Doing it completely the same would drive any person insane.

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If it’s fun, then I don’t think you’re wasting your time.

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Yes that’s fair comment, it IS fun, always, probably the wrong terminology that I used there, sorry.
I still wonder though, if this is a new trend, what with it being “seasonal” which, to me at least, gives the impression that it might be the first of many possible different versions of the same Classic game.
I am not aware of Blizzards’ thinking in this respect, and just wonder if anyone else is?

Seasons have no future.

It is raid patches releasing across 12 months.

After season is over, it shuts down, every one has a choice to be transfered back to Era realms and then they release a new 12 months fresh start season.

That’s how i understand it any way.


Thanks, I think you are absolutely correct, I read something about it recently and it does seem to be the case, back to classic era for me then I think, thanks again.

Imho we need classic+ now more than ever.

I personally never wanted TBCC or WOTLKC.

Just classic and Naxx farm until the end of time.

Restarting or adding new things is just, not the way to go.

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