Season of Mastery - No double RP gain (PVP)

It looks like the PVP system is still using its classic values which is 20% RP gain rather than the 40% they promised us. The new system would’ve made it possible to hit Rank 14 in 6 weeks instead of 12 which makes sense as SOM will only last for 12 months. EU is about to have its third PVP reset and there hasn’t been a single blue post addressing this issue.

And no, for people who speculated the halved 10% decay, the 2 resets proved it’s not a thing in the game.


I also agree the system is not as advertised. We were promised R14 being done in 6 weeks and as far as i can work out we are sitting with the same old system. PLEASE BLIZZARD HELP!!!

True! Blizzard, please, fix the ranking system or else this man (my MT) will take all my fury items for threat!


How did the 2 resets prove that decay wasn’t set to 10%?

The first reset you would have seen no decay & the second one it would probably be very hard to tell if it was applied at 10% or 20% since it’s was mostly just a bunch of people with ranks 2-3. Most of these people would have probably capped out at max rank progression the second week anyway due to lvl restrictions on rank.

I don’t know if it is or isn’t I’m curious to why you said it’s been proved not to be at 10%. I guess we’ll find out for sure this week though.

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We will see on Wednesday.
They have 2 options: Decay and Gain to 40% OR Decay to -10% (was 20%) and Gain stays at 20%.
In both ways you get R14 in 6 weeks if you are in the top bracket.
The last option with -10% decay is waaay better. With that implementation you can get higher ranks without going full hardcore. It will still be a looong grind like 4-6 month depending on your bracket. But it is really “casual friendly” and gets more ppl doing pvp/Bgs because they know that they wont be hardstuck at a given rank and can at least achieve the R10 set.

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