Self Heals need a -60% modifier in PvP

Especially Rogue and DH with their obscene passive healing.

We are in an era of pure dps specs having more healing than a ‘hybrid’ dps spec.

Warriors, DH, Rogue, DK having better healing then Enhance or Ret.

EDIT : Since it’s not this obvious, I’m talking all form of PvP, be it Arena, BG or Open world.


Dh, fury warr and lock.


Warlock already got nerfed by 50%. That’s enough.

I know DK got overnerfed, we can only how they revert it…

We will see.

I think it will be enough, except maybe Affliction nerf to Drain Life.

As long as soul rot aoe drain life exists in bgs people will complain about lock selfhealing :expressionless:


This is also strong in arena against demo.

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Oh damn, that one :s

What you’re asking for has actually existed in the game back in MoP.


It was not about selfhealing but about all the healing you do or receive. It worked well but felt bad to do 60% less healing once youre in pvp instansed battle(

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Back in MoP, I played on, uh…“unofficial” servers where Battle Fatigue was bugged and didn’t work.

Trust me, it was necessary. Warriors with passive second wind were completely and utterly broken back there.

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I know :stuck_out_tongue: It just felt bad haha. Like if they nerd healing for 40% before the expansion instead of adding +40%hp.

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It’s the best moment to make a comeback.

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