Seriously, enough is enough now

Before I start my rage induced typefest, I would like to say that I acknowledge that SV is great in twos arena. Yes that ONE smidgey part of the game that SOME people participate in and where an SV hunters MAJOR issues are not exactly highlighted due to the small area and very limited opponents. And YES, I acknowledge that an MM hunter left to freecast can pump some good damage. Now that’s out of the way…

Hunter survivability is pretty dire atm imo. Hunter’s suffer from a VERY old mechanic where it is the only class and EVEN the only pet class that suffers from it. Which is too many abilities being locked into pets, the playstyle is FAR too reliant on pets, and by that I mean that I cannot:

  • Camo while pet has a dot.
  • Stun while pet is out of range, stunned, rooted, CC’d or I am CC’d
  • I can’t generate resources while pet out of range, CC’d, rooted (SV)
  • I cannot burst, YES YOU CAN’T BURST while pet CC’d, Rooted, out of range (SV)
  • I can’t freedom when my pet is CC’d or out of range. This VERY annoying.

I know some high rated arena players will come to rebuttle all of this (as usual), but I cannot fathom how anyone finds this acceptable. We are literally playing at a handicap, a lock and DKs pet can stun you while they on their way to Turkey for a hair transplant and their pets seem to operate better in general. I am fed up with “cLasS fAnTaSy” that does not make in something like PvP. It seems like a HUGE oversight.

I think that the biggest improvement they can make to hunter survivability and general functionality is to straight up remove certain utility and CDs from pets entirely and make others castable while you are CCd, like Intimidation and make masters call a player ability not a pet ability, make all CC and resource gains through the player onlyand make the pet do something unique to it, but not something we rage at not being able to do because it is stuck in the 1987983749875 random cc’s that are always flying about.

Also while they are at it, they need to to make Turtle a CD that warrents its baseline cooldown being 3 minutes. Either heal us like 60% hp or let us attack with it, because in case anyone has forget we can still take damage while in it, and can get bursted and killed through it due to travel time of some abilities.

Why not also give us TWO disengages, since we have had the literal SAME TOOLKIT FOR KITING FOR ALMOST TWO DECADES (since wrath), hell it even got improved by mists, then went all the way back to wrath. Yet even pallies get in combat mounts, warriors got 2 extra gap closers and ranged stuns etc. How did we regress??? All the while people still out here saying “Yeah but hunters kite, that is their survivability”… KITE WHAT???

Fix the stunking class with a damn quickness please.


Hunter’s situation was dire and will be until maybe it gets a rework of all of their specs, even tho the BM work just because of the way they can hit and run from a range at the same time and their pets do the work for them, otherwise, they would be in the same turd.

You are right. I belive blizz have let PvP to rot i don’t know why but every expansion is going worse

Ah, yes. The class fantasy where we don’t have arrows in quivers, fit small crossbows in pockets, and can’t shoot killshots without a two-handed polearm equipped at the same time.

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