Seriously who is the warchief now?

I am utterly confused. So we finish the murdereous run after the alliance. Kill Azshara. stop Silvanas, kind of…

who is the warchief?

No one, we will have a War Council involving the leaders from every race

which just means when they go crazy they will already have enough member for a raid :stuck_out_tongue: sorta oh sorry i mean “if” they go crazy


Maybe Horde will elecet in case of war a new warchief until the war is done.

Similar to the Herizogo in anciet germanic tribes or ealry medieaval saxons or the Dictator in the roman republic only elected for 6 Months.

We don’t have one.

We realized that the Warchief that really counts is the one who was inside all of us all along.


Ok I’m confused as hell. Didn’t we get a video of horde forming a council, and saying it’s time to get rid of the warchief title? I’ve either…

A - dreamt it
B - seen it in a leak
C - seen it on wowhead
D - I’m an idiot and this has never happened

as stated the horde has a council now.
makes sense since the majority of the races of the horde now are no longer tribal barbarians, and instead have a civilized society.

This Info is datamined

Majoraty? Bloodelves, City Night Elves and Goblins and maybe Forsaken. The rest are awesome tribals.

We’re the Republic now.



well yeah maybe not the majority, but still much more than before…

It has not yet come to pass.

That’s data mined so technically we just have no one currently.

Oh, I forgot the civilised almost elves zandalari. It’s a close call for the majoritiy, but the hairy goblins will swing the vote into tribals one more.

I’d like to nominate myself as temporary warchief. I promise free cake for everyone! We will also build a wall around Stormwind and make the mason guild pay for it all!!


Next warchief to go power mad
“The council will decide your fate”


I promise to not go mad within the first 3 months of being warchief! I will however keep posting on trade chat about fake media


Who’s gonna be your Palpatine then?


When I went to unlock blue elves the panda chief was giving the quest.
I seem to remember it wasn’t like that when I unlocked the trolls.

Blizzard’s gonna make YOU Warchief. And I shall soon be King of the Alliance.