Seriously who is the warchief now?

Gazlowe for Warchief, clearly!

Gallywix shoulda been a warchief.
But i’d take Gazlowe over Thrall any day.

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We probalby won’t see much of the council in SL because it’s in another world.

Maybe after SL when we return to the world of the living they just might all sit there in great hall and discuss domestic policies. Like taxation, infrastructure, healthcare…

Maybe we will meet some of them for quets, maybe one cinemetic. Thats it, nothing more.

I think Thrall will return as the Orc leader, though he refuses the seat of Warchief. A title he does not want as he thinks it’s too easy to abuse the power and because he feels he failed as Warchief the first time.

So Thrall will probably determine local laws for Orcs, just as Baine will for the Tauren. And all the leaders will for their own lands.
While the Council will only come into play when it’s matters that concern the entire Horde.

At least this is how I assume it will work.

that didn’t stop varian or vol’jin from dropping in for some reason this two decided to cross universes to tell me to build a shipyard

I will step up to the plate!
Vossprey, first of his name (I think :thinking:)


blizz is waitting for US election, all depends if idiot sit on throne again.

I think Ji Firepaw should be the next Warchief.

You will have to throw your hat in the ring here.

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Time to dust off my weapons and dubious plot armour for Mak’Gora then!

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I would bring a bucket of water when you challenge the Camp Fire running for Warchief :wink:

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The history is not on your side .
Is gona be a short rule and might end up with injuries or proly death :slight_smile:

We have a revolving door fitted in Grommash Hold and being Warchief now gives you a red shirt Star Trek style.

Should be rexxar. The only guy with good sense.
After him a consulate with zappiboi and dingdinggirl

Or he might be powered up the extreme, as what happened with the last Warchief.
A risk worth taking maybe?

Well, it wouldn’t make much sense if the shirt was blue now would it? :slight_smile:

He just think’s he doesn’t want it afterall doesn’t he have a mobile phone…

What no offer of free cake? I am still going with Dhoobs for now…

Telling the wife they are going with a council.
She: “oh, guess they want to do something fancy.”
Me: “Or they just want to kill whole groups of leaders from now on”


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Sylvanas you are delusional if you think otherwise.

Basic Campfire, with a council for assistance.

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I have returned my fellow future subjects.
Vot Gorrosh for warchief 2020

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