Server lag what is going on?


What is going on with the server lag? I’m doing normal things in wow like raiding and herbing and when trying to summon people outside raid, I can’t there is so much lag the portal doesn’t even open… This is what happens when you lay off 8% of your staff I guess.


Hey Crylø,

If you still have trouble today, go through the steps listed in the Connection Troubleshooting Support Article and test again afterwards. If that does not improve things, run a WinMTR test and post the results here as Preformatted text </> so we can have a look.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!


For months we have been telling you its your damn servers, how can it happen to so many people?? are u all like dumb bots answering with the same crap answer everytime???, again on silvermoon it is unplayable cos of lag and the damn phasing, almost killing a 2million hp mob and then getting phased for the mob to be there with full hp is bollocks this is killing the game and all u do is link us connection troubleshooters why wont u admit your servers are shiet? waste of time posting this but whatever sick of it


It’s same thing for alot of people across alot of servers. I’m on Facebook in some WoW groups and everywhere i see the same reports of lag, latency, phasing… I can’t believe why you would put the fault with your clients if it’s such a problem for a BIG part of your players. Time to get your act together Blizzard and HIRE some people to fix this problem instead of FIRING them!