Server ninjas

So classic is all about community with server and would be nice to know who to avoid.

Already countered very low people today in deadmines, when our group got to last boss, the leader (Axelneo) said to wait before pull, after few seconds he used spam macro to hide that he switched from group loot to master looter. After we noticed we didn’t help to kill the boss, afterwards he gave the lead to his guildy (xoxoxo) and told that it was a mistake and lied, After second pull and kill they tried to do it again just before looting. spam macro and fast change to master looter. Writing this that we get a blacklist for people to avoid grouping with in the future so we people can avoid having bad experiences with people on this server. Oh almost forgot after we left he and hes friend started spamming that me and the other pug dude were the ninjas lying even more and trying to give me bad rep.

They kept on trying to spam lies in general and trade after and making new groups to find new people to find for their group.


axelneo (lyktan guild)
xoxoxo (lyktan guild)


Good to know ! Will Block them

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Good to know. They are blocked

I will add them to my gank on sight list for you and spread it around the horde.

Short term gain for long term pain

Would also like to add to the ninja looter list. Beware of the paladin named “Splashy” from the guild Part Time Heroes. He ninja looted a few chests while in SFK believing he did nothing wrong as well as needing on the robes of Arugal which the our mage lost out on.

Apparently a few members of this guild have been known to carry out this “I do what I want” attitude. Please be wary of these people.

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Got one for this list. Zelron, mage, horde

So we ware group of 3 (me, Zelron-ninja and shammy), doing elite quest in Arathi collecting Silver fragments. Zelron said he has done quest already and will put free for all loot so me and shammy can loot bodys. After 1st kill he went to loot (even he said he just put ffa loot so us 2 can loot for quest items) and he looted epic shield (Tower something, green one).
After short conversation we decided we will roll for shield, i rolled highest. Asked him to trade me shield, he replyed “nah mate, thats my ninja of today”, and left.
If u value ur loot avoid this trash in big circles, and if u meet him anywhere just /w him “Fk u ninja trash nab”, for my sake!!

Gniy. Warrior. No guild.

A topic full of naming and shaming, which is against the Forum rules.

Stahp it!

Merely sharing our community experiences, lad!

Still naming, and shaming - lad!

Not being able to name and shame never made sense to me, thankfully we have reddit to call out people being dickheads if the mods shut this down.

Name and shame are the best of vanilla. Back in the day when you could destroy your own experience because of you being a dick. If you ninja the community should know, a decent guild kick if done again. Left alone. Social isolation best and most affective punishment there are. Used by humans sense start of time.

Well today, a person called Moolander started forming a LBRS group.
Me and my mate joined in hopes of getting some Gems. Well after a while he asked if we need them, and i did. So i spent my time travelling to LBRS, when i got infront of it, he whispered me that he needs the key to get 60 people in his guild attuned for onyxia because he’s the guild master, and removed me from the group. is the guild. I told him that he should propably say that they’re reserved and not kick the party members later.
Answers were I don’t give a **** what u think about, bb Said i’ll blacklist him on the website incase anyone cares and reply was I’ll post this and everyone sees what a stupid mother**** you are*
I’d say a decent GM for a decent guild


Teddyrosso Noggenfogger EU, big fat greedy ninja. watch out.

Have you considered that maybe the guys who ninja are just blind and misclick?

Gildan and Quram on horde side , dont trust them , they tricked me into tanking dmw + wl mount q, giving me 15g . they kicked me just after the wl mount quest not receiving any gold nor loot.
You´ve been warned

Name and shame all the way!
If you are bing an idiot, you should be referred to as an idiot, and get 0 groups because you are an idiot.

Those things make you not being an idiotanymore on your new character, since your main will not get anywhere.

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