Server transfers - realm dead?

pretty much the topic.

how are the transfers working out for the realm? are there still gnomes in stv? :confused:

edit: oh just saw there are only pvp realms to chose from…weird thing

Jfc, no! its not DEAD.

There are a lot of players on Zandalar Tribe. Server status is usually High. Horde side where I have my chars are very busy, day and night. I cant really say how bad PvP situation is since my highest level is 47 and I havent been ganked more than you would expect on a PvP server.

I did try to create chars on a few other realms just to see. But Orgrimmar was graveyard on those… so I keep playing on ZT :slight_smile:

In terms of balance it used to be very good, but phase two has taken its toll on ZT too. But Hope for the best after 10th of December.

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