Servers are dominated by either alliance or horde. No balance between the sides

Ive noticed that most of the servers are kinda onesided in WoTLK Classic. I am kinda new to the game but have an older brother who have taught a few things. He told me that it is no reason for you as a player to play on alliance if the server is 99.8% horde because noone wants to play on the losing side. He also said that you want to be on the side or server with most population because of better economy. With this said, I want to propose two solutions; we as players start taking initative and try to balance the servers out ourselves. I myself started playing alliance on mograine which is 86% horde according to the site Ironforge.
the second solution i am not very knowing about how it will work or if it would be able to work but nevertheless, blizzard could maybe merge two servers together. In example merge the server Gehennas which is 99.8% horde and the server Firemaw is 99.9% alliance. Merging these two would make it a super server with a population of 67 000 players with balance between horde and alliance.
I am not sure if it will be a problem with this high of a playerbase on a server. If the server will be overburdened blizzard may have to implement better servers but I have a feeling they wouldnt do it because they dont care that much or that they wouldnt want to spend money on this problem.

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The thing to remember as well is Megaservers will break, connecting them does not increase the amount of people who can play on them, especially if they are already near capacity.

It would need a complete rewrite of the server technology to make megaservers.

Great in theory but it would take years.

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