Set focus to mouseover target with a modifier

The goal is to spawn my statue by pressing the button without a modifer.
/cast [nomod] Summon Black Ox Statue

Focus it by pressing the button with a modifier
/focus [@mouseover, mod:ctrl] ???

and dismiss it by pressing the button with another modifier
/click [mod:shift] TotemFrameTotem1 RightButton

but the /focus part doesnt work and im too stupid to fix it myself

It would be even better to cut out the mouseover part alltogether and straight up target player XYZ’s Statue.

make sure that your modifier + key aren’t used in any keybinding.
For example, if you have your macro in the first slot of the main action bar, it would not work, because CTRL + 1 is bound to Special Action Button 1. Keybindings have the higher priority.

The macro should work otherwise, assuming ??? is not part of the mouse over macro. :innocent:


Danke für die Antwort. Es lag wirklich daran das ich CTRL+1 schon belegt hatte. Macro auf ALT modifier abgeändert und es funktioniert wunderbar.

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