Seventh Night - (6/9 M 9/9 HC) Evening raiding guild looking for RDPS


Seventh Night, an Evening raiding guild, is returning and looking to expand its roster with skilled healers and dps. The end goal is to build a core team that will progress through BFA mythic content at a decent pace whilst having fun and also push high keys. We recruit all classes

What we can offer:
• A mature raiding environment with old school raider veterans
• A constructive and social environment
• Casual pvp with RBGs
• Frequent high level mythic keystone groups
• Fun times! What’s the point of playing a video games if you are not having fun?

What we expect:
• 90% attendance and good communication when you are not available
• Knowing your class and reading about encounters
• Being willing to take criticism and improve
• Reasonable effort to improve your character outside raids.

Currently we raid 2 days a week, with the possibility of a third day when new content launches or for farm content:
Thursday: 21:30 – 00:00
Tuesday: 21:30 – 00:00

If more info is needed feel free to leave a message, or add:

If you’re are applying for the raider spot in our guild, contact any of the officers through their btags stated above or visit our guilded site. For social applications, just chat to us in-game and we will invite you.


Still recruiting strong ranged DPS, open to any class!


Bump! 3/9 M Looking for some more RDPS. Give us a shout if you are interested.


Opulence down and onto Conclave. Want to hear from any Tarren Mill based DPS or healer who thinks they would fit with us!


Conclave down. Bring on Rasta!


We’re now progging Mekka, still open to any strong and well experienced DPS and possibly a healer. Come and raid smart and get CE on 5hrs a week!