Seventh Night - 7/8M 2 day 21:30-00:00


Open to impressive ranged DPS and a healer

Seventh Night are a team of experienced and high performing raiders and we are always looking for more folk like us! Having now merged with Openly Hostile we’re downing bosses in Uldir at an impressive rate and are now readying to hit BfDA hard and early!

We raid Thurs and Tues at 21:30-00:00 with Sunday as a flexible third day for early prog, alt runs, M+ and other activities. We take a mature and pragmatic approach to the game and especially raiding. We understand that real life comes first and we’ll have realistic goals for what we will achieve in the time we play. We will also prioritise playing with “the right people” over quickly assembling a team just to get numbers.

To be considered you must be able to play your chosen role to a high standard and will be expected to keep current enough to perform in the same ballpark as the rest of the team.

This is a great opportunity to join a fun and skilled team and truly be a part of something awesome! We’ve got our sights firmly set on CE for the next and following tiers and a team more than capable of doing it. If you’re interested and think you’re capable of earning a spot then add me on bnet for a chat - steveo#21656 - or apply online at

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