Shadenox outlaw video - thumps up

First of all, great video and commentary as usual and very fun to see you doing some as outlaw. As a fellow outlawian playing the same build, I would be interested if you could give some quick pointers or guidelines to optimize this build. Also, Im playing with a resto shaman which I guess has its advantages, but feels like he is dying easily to alot of dps even when i put in alot of control of them.


You are both friends innit?
Well played.

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where is the video? also if it doesnt have the necessary dubstep remix, slowing down saps, and explaining obvious things with a text on the left side like every rog movie then im not watching it


Do not forget meme spam.

If the screen is not upside down atleast once its unwatchable garbage.

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What are you saying? It’s a rogue video, it requires Linkin Park music and black and white opening sequence in some remote classic area!

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I still remember Meandro and their love for Tool

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Rogue videos ganking farm geared/talented chinese gold farmers heading into blackrock depths like bots playing edgy music backround

Enh shaman videos playing soil - breaking me down on backround while video edited to only show windfury procs and you make a shaman self to realise the wf dont proc all the time like in the video :joy:

By now think seen it all, some streamers do make honest content tho and are entertain to watch cos of their no bs and sincerity style. And this dont include any that roflstomp low geared naabs on their max geared r1 characters, anyone with normal brain can see its not real

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What exactly do you want to know ?

There has not been a relevant rogue video made since the world of roguecraft movies.

First of all to me it seems like there is no clear “burst window” since you easily get blunderbuss-procs. Are you supposed to save Flag for when you get nadias big buff or something? Or do you simply just keep the pump going?

How do you relate to the bones-buffs? Do you reroll on 1 buff asap (unless CDR) ? This question is more related to maximizing the damage i guess, seeing that rogues with similar gear than me often do alot more damage and its not due to blade flurry.

So yeah :slight_smile:

You do not play with Lashing Scars. While Flag adds some damage, obviously, its main purpose is to grant you an insane amount of stats (30% haste and 15% vers), which is what allows you to “burst”, just because the 12s following the Flag ramp up you have so much stats. Bonus points when it aligns with Nadija Haste of Versa buff.

Well… RtB remains very RNG. Most 2 buffs combinations you keep. I like keeping Broadsides with this build as the damage increase is noticeable. The crit buff is nice too but I’d only keep it on a burst phase if it is alone because it doesn’t speed up the rotarion, which is what you need. The CDR buff is nice, but nothing special when you don’t play Shadowdust so I usually reroll it to get 2 buffs when I don’t need to reset something specific quickly. The energy buff and the leech buff are instant rerolls. The one that gives you more procs is actually good with blunderbuss 'cause you keep proccing so it’s fine to keep it I guess but rolling for 2 is always better. Just you also have a chance to roll worse.

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i would be more impressed if it was a class that was D tier and not S++ for 3 seasons already. but hey i thats just me saying it right shadenox

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