Shadow priest flying under the radar

Now that a lot of the classes have been addressed with nerfs. It’s mind boggling that Shadow Priest who was on par with them if not stronger wasn’t touched.
I know a lot of people complain about rogues, DH, DKs, Locks, but how is nobody noticing the raw power of Shadow Priests?
A lot of top teams are already practicing with SP, example raiku, whaazz and it’s probably gonna be the most popular go to 3s spec when arena comes out.
It needs to be brought down to the level of other dps specs If we want to have more diverse healthier pvp.


Dunno, maybe ur right, they seem op, but not immortals like warlocks

they do have insane dmg output, good CC with Fear, Horrify, Stun and Silence all being on different DR’s

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ikr, scary

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and what is with evoker heal, this shi…t is even more op than sp

You can’t compare healers to dps.
Problem is that people are used to for healers to be trash so all u gotta do is roll FOTM dps and u good to go, free rating which on the long run made tons of healers quit and reroll. As if that wasn’t enough blizzard added insane self healings to dps-es, some of them even more then healers while doing insane dmg.
To sum it uo wow needs good healers or it’s gonna die out. To play a DPS all u need to do is smash 1.2.3 while healing is way more complex. Tons of healers already quit and rerolled so let’s stop with that, shall we.

Shadow priest is flying under the radar because its not as easy to play as many other op specs, bad players on spriest are still trash, bad players on dh, fury or to some degree lock can still get something done.
SP is super strong and should be nerfed as well, but its not as much of an outliner and obvious thing as the retardo OP specs


i can, when evoker is the only viable heal class atm.

evoker can heal 10-15 min games, while every other heal cant. also they cant go oom.

every other heal, can heal for like 3-4 minutes max, while evoker make a game like bfa season 2

that doesn’t count for every dps, but if u mean dh or fury warri i agree

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Solo Queue games barely last 1 min, based on beta people flop left and right even with rank 1 players playing Pre Evoker.
With the amount of oneshots there’s no way this is even close to BFA. :sweat_smile:

sub/assa rogue pretty ez, arms, furry, dh, enha. fire mage, sp, dks… Like super easy classes to play and learn based on personal experience. I probably missed few but honestly don’t see any dps coming even close to playing a healer difficulty.

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thats not true, they said yesterday on stream, that evoker is so op, their main classes are completly trash compared to an evoker

or how do you want to explain why meh lived longer on evoker than on his main, same for lontar, idk why u want to defend this cringe 0815 spyro heal class so hard.

Sub and Mage aren’t super easy to play, I mean at 1.5 rating for sure, but at higher rating, especially in Dragonflight, Mage isn’t an 1 button combustion class anymore

“oneshots” which one, i havent seen any oneshot besides of sub rogues/ele, enhancer/ shadow priest

idk which game u play atm bro, but i see way less oneshots compared to shadowlands

and if u die in the opener as an evoker, i would call skill issue, its impossible to die as an evoker in the opener.

So what class are u playing now and what’s ur exp in shadowlands?

so, what is your xp, i checked u in check pvp, and i only can see 1.7

and i play feral shince wod.

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For the love of Alexstrasza make the purple puddles DR


Feels the same in bgs to be honest. My rdruid goes oom in team fights and the evoker dude is at 70% mana lol.

Check scoreboard and he’s already 3 mil ahead of my supposed aoe/rbg build after just the first big fight :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:
I’m not the best rdruid but I done a bunch of bgs through the years and doubt it’s just a “get good” issue :smiley:


I didn’t ask you for exp to bash you, I asked because u do have some valid points,

I joined EU wow on prepatch so it doesn’t show and it doesnt count solo queue, I got 2.4k-2.7k chars in solo queue(Here in EU) with elite sets I don’t mind logging them here to show.
My main is NA account.

I didn’t lvl my resto kitty yet but oom part sounds scary.
They need to buff all healers mana pools to the lvl of mw/evoker, dampening is already doing the job of shortening games.

And Why u come with an “arena xp question” it Doesnt matter, Because i Said Even The Awc Champions talked about Evoker, and tested several Healer, and noone was even close to be as good as Evoker

this game was like this, if u had a rdrood, rshaman, or disc in your Team, and you play against Evoker, u will lose, because u will be out sustained.

Bro, Solo Que xp in a Prepatch, says nothing, and Shouldnt be count as “Arena xp” i Know Bear players who hardstucked on 1.4 Rating before the Prepatch came out, and they have now 2.9 Solo que xp

nothing against you bro, but when we Talk about Arena xp, then about “Normal” Arena rating like 2s Arena or 3s

and i think nothing is wrong with my Points, and like i Said, even Awc champs said it. i mean the Evoker thing

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Because I was interested.
AWC champions are biased, they said SUB/FIRE was balanced in Shadowlands s1. s2 when we all know it was busted af, same thing was with ShadowPriest and yet it won awc. People are gonna cry about Evoker since it has toolkit to deal with CC into oneshot game won scenarios that they were used to doing in SL but can’t anymore.
And yes Evoker is the only S tier healer every other healer is A tier, so it’s not that big of a dif. Problem with people is that they are used to play against weak healers and to play broken S tier dps specs.

Funny I was doing fine as disc and holy priest and winning 90% against evokers.
Oh please MW has permanent mana and can heal through dampening whole Shadowlands expansion yet every healer managed to beat it. :rofl:
You wanna hear something else interesting… Resto druid and possibly mw is gonna be better than any evoker in 2s.
In Solo Queue Evoker is gonna be the best.
And in 3s due to lower dampening healers are gonna be much more diverse.

10% less regen tonight, I am sure we’ll see more nerfs next week

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Here is the first Problem, i Think u mean Skirmish Games right? and here we have the first Problem, in Skirmish u play Against Everyone, i mean i had some games against evoker too, where i killed his dps in the opener, but guess what, because the evoker was hard bad

But if u play against someone who knows how to play Evoker, or how to press Buttons, its Insane, it felt like u playing against 3 Healer, they do 60k hps + and CANT OOM they End with 60% Mana, while the Priest is already oom.

i dont think so, mby if they small nerfe Evoker in the Future for sure, but i mean this is nothing new, and they are still beatable

Sure, my Sl xp is 2.7, bfa 2.8 in 3v3 Arena.

I mean bro, thats a meme, we know it, and it´s funny, but Rmp players always like that, look at the Rogue Forum, they already crying about the 30% Kyrian spell nerfe

when Blizz nerfe Sub Rogue 1 time, it doesnt matter by how much alone a 1% Nerfe = oh no Rogue is unplayable :clown_face:

oh no, rogue cant oneshot in a single Duel its so unplayable!

My point is mostly about 3v3 with the Evoker thing, they can deal better with Cleave dmg, and mana management

worst case is, u play an pvp tanky comp, and your only gameplay to win is, to out sustain the enemy team, if u are to stupid to land a cc? it doesnt matter, u win easy by mana, i hate this cringe gameplay so much.

gdruid with random dps and healer eloper, is looking like a pretty solid choice for now. Nerfs definitely need to happen next week too.

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