Shadowlands: 9.2.5 Content Update Is Now Live

Shadowlands: 9.2.5 Content Update Is Now Live

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Again blood elves get stuff :rofl:


And there’ll probably be some additional blue recolours for the VEs once the HE screechers have stomped their feet enough.

Tauren rogue, when?


Hey guys. Blizz has changed. We got a release date and we didn’t need to beg for it in advance.

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And mages…they said it will happen in 10.0 - so at least 8-9 months from now…sigh :slightly_frowning_face:

Soooo… Still nothing to do then in the next patch?
Okay, thanks. Still letting my sub lapse, just fyi.
Or does this ‘some’ mean there’s ACTUAL interesting stuff coming?

buff shadow ty :slight_smile:


Yeah do some class balance, game engine improvements… conduit catch ups and casual stuff… and not this 9.2.00001 patch, we still have like 3-4 months of season 3 before us.


i guess then NA release date is 31st
the blood elf quest chain will be fun
anyways the new ranseur i have a question
will it be a belf paladin only weapon or can my belf war also tmog it after obtaining it?

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Outside of legendaries, class hall weapons, and some factional ones, I don’t think there’s ever any restriction on weapons. I can use the original ranseur on any polearm class at least, and that was a paladin weapon. Also the 2-handed Lightforged Sword from human paladin questline.

My Dark Iron Dwarf Warrior is looking forward to the new transmogs :+1:

edit: And mount!

No class tuning?


  • The minimum item level combatants will be scaled up to has been raised to 252 (was 239).

Can I just say that this is not enough? It’s still 30 ilvls below Elite.


good to know thanks
it feels good to have a new one available on retail
my only ranseur is on my tbc classic belf paladin
oh for the lightforged weapons i have the appearences
tho i gave up on farming the rest of the green world defiler set due to rng

we can link our tmog sets to others what about expand on this
make the non tier set tmogs their own"sets"
like the set i am wearing and others using jade/vanguard/glorious/tyrants
name them bloodscale plate/jade plate/glorious plate with info to where items drops from like world drop/dungeon/quest

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dark iron rocks!

There should be a quest campaign from what I hear, but beyond that and a new gear season later on, nothing much. THE feature of 9.2.5 is the gear season with the 3 raids together. I’m curious to see how it folds out.

Ok, this sure came out of nowhere O.O
I thought it’ll be with season 4.
But then again, it also means that we don’t get any more content in 9.2.5, so no Brawler’s Guild in SL.

Yeah, I’m very, very disappointed with Blizzard. Ion recently spoke how they ‘underserved the silent majority’ and yet they keep on doing it. It’s ridiculous.

Now, because they’ve been encrypting some stuff there is a chance for SOMETHING of interest, but I don’t know… I doubt it will provide months of fun/worthwhile content.

So basically I’m still in the mindset of: I’m done until the DF prepatch. Which in itself is fine; taking a break might be a good thing. I’m still disappointed though, but without any proper incentive I’m not renewing my sub until such a time (it runs out on the 2nd of july). The ball is in Blizzard’s court, so to speak.


They get two armors (heritage and blood knight) along with a weapon

Meanwhile the Darkspear trolls are crying as they get their armors and weapons from old content raids and dungeons like Zul’Aman and Zul’Gurub :joy: