Shadowlands 9.2.7 Update Notes

Shadowlands 9.2.7 Update Notes

The Shadowlands 9.2.7 update arrives to World of Warcraft on 17 August!

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Neat! Thank you blizzard… say, When are we getting more customisation for allied races?

Please reassign a new paladin class dev.

Thank you!

Please give us Void elf Demon Hunters!
Pretty please :heart:

Otherwise great news!

How will they be forced to use the new channel?

Surely, they will realise most people will leave or not join the Services channel as they don’t want to see that garbage, and then go back to spamming regular Trade chat?

Doesn’t make business sense (For boosters) when you have a choice of advertising to many potential customers or a handful.

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Wait thats it?

A boost trade channel and a mobile phone app?

Also the boost channel is going to be an abject failure because boosters won’t shout into the void, they go to where the people are and you won’t enforce it because you’re cheap, lazy and mostly disinterested.

You missed the best part

The AH app is not yet able to be used for listing items for sale!

Due to our desire to provide an Auction House experience in a more immediate timeframe we have excluded listing items for sale. While we understand selling items is a much-loved part of the past feature from the previous Remote Auction House, we wanted to provide access to many of the features regularly used by players as quickly as we could with an eye on potential additions to the app in the future.

Imagine a car company trying to sell a car without vital parts due to their desire to deliver the car sooner

Talking about Tesla? :slight_smile:

Surging Forward!

You mean like how electric cars are being pushed but there’s still like 2 charging points at every supermarket?

Idk, people will buy anything these days as long as its new and shiny. I reckon you could ship a car with windows that don’t wind down, and the promise of a software updated that would fix that later.

Not that Tesla :slight_smile:

Don’t forget

  • Auction Houses across all realms on a given region will now share commodity listings (gems, herbs, flasks, consumables, etc.). Items that aren’t commodities–like armor and weapons–will continue to be realm-specific.

That’s upsetting some folks because their corner of the market has now got competition.

Electric cars are one of the biggest scam fads of this era.
Their charging time and charger availability are horrendous.

The sooner we move on to Hydrogen cars the better.

Trouble is that has no infrastructure either.

I’m predicting the cessation of petrol cars will be pushed back because the UK government (probably others) hasn’t even begun to start building all the charging points that will be needed.

It’s literally every parking space, AND every bit of pavement outside every house that doesn’t have a driveway. Those 2 spaces per supermarket needs to become every space in every car park.

And it hasn’t even begun, with a theoretical move to all electric in just 8 years? I have no faith in this being viable by that date.

Of course the much more sensible answer is to build electric cars with swappable power cells. You drive onto a plate at the petrol station; a robot takes your old battery out and fits a new one. 5 minute job. Bad batteries will be identified and removed from circulation, and it’s barely a bigger wait than filling up on petrol. The storage for battery packs will be a lot more complicated I guess.

But we haven’t even thought about issuing a standard for that yet, let alone mandated that fuelling stations build them.

People who don’t want to see that garbage are not the ones who is buying boosts, so it doesn’t matter anyways.
People who buys boosts - will join boosts channel, since they are interested in doing this.

I guess some auto chat reading bot will very quickly filter out boosting messages and give some chat bans.

In the real world if companies only advertised to people who are already interested they would fold very quickly.

Will you buy m+ boost for 200k gold if you see the message 1000 times?

U should get a price mate.

The worst comparison ive ever seen here

What price? It was just a random number

Its not about the numbers.