Shadowlands: Bows, Guns and Crossbows

I don’t understand how is this still a thing bows guns and crossbows are so bad treated they are the only kind of weapons that don’t have any kind of illusion especially now with the new shadowlands expansion coming…

And with the more expensive version coming with a cool illusion that main hunters cannot use, not talking about survival hunters, but Beastmaster & Marksman. I really think that is time that this discrimination against hunters and their weapons stops.

Why are bows crossbows and guns unable to have a weapon enchant transmog onto them?
It does not make any sense because you hold them in your hand just like any other weapon…

Mean we who play and always played Bm or Mm hunter as main kinda getting screwed over if we buy the “Epic Edition” of shadowlands.


I agree with that, i can’t use my 2K1 illusion on my gun/bow. Kinda sad for a reward :man_shrugging:.

I hope they change that !


They give us Quiver and Pouch options :thinking:

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I agree it’s stupid

Both please!

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