Shadowlands license not showing on my account

Hello, I redeemed my Shadowlands code in December but haven’t created a character until a week ago. I have never played WoW so I decided to try leveling to 20 on a Starter Account.

I liked the game so I created a new character on my friend’s Realm (on the same account) and purchased a subscription for it. Three days ago, my character got capped at level 50 so I issued a ticket. They found out that my character and my subscription are on my WoW2 and my Shadowland licence is on my WoW1 (I don’t have a single character on that account. I even deleted the lvl 20).

I don’t even know why are there 2 sub-accounts on my I never created the second one. I only own 1 WoW character (Shhifty on Drak’thul Realm). The GM responded that there is nothing he can do about my problem and my ticket page is showing me this error - 6e8abd7b-7386-4f1c-bb94-7406b87ba7ab. Do you guys have any advice?

Thank you. Shhifty

Hey Shhifty,

If you have an existing ticket conversation already open then I recommend reopening that ticket and requesting further assistance. I’m afraid we’re not able to directly assist via these forums, nor can we act as a shortcut to have a ticket answered more quickly.

As I said, I can’t even access that ticket. It’s blocked by an error and it’s been three days that I can’t play on my subscription.

Try using a different browser as some work better than others on the site sometimes.