Shadowlands: Maw Updates in Chains of Domination

Bırakın hype yapmayı tarih verin. Milleti milyoner yaptınız.

What exactly was the meeting that lead to this?

“People are desperate for the release date. They’re leaving to FF14. The remaining players are tired. Should we give them a date or time line?”

“…naaaah just give them clickbait with 6 screen shots of random NPCS”


Give us RELEASE DATE!!! It has been too long, it is UNACCEPTABLE!!! This is so BAD, really BAD as you already know, blizzard! I tell you again!

Just release 9.1, thanks!

Flying! to use mounts in maw…new mounts to add to collection (particularly the Maw Hands and Floofnoodles)…upgrade gear…storyline developments…new raid…and Flying!
Excellent!..and hopefully coming soon.
happy noises

Vulpie bites Sivaria, Ouch!

Step away from teh bow, Nelf!
:bow_and_arrow: :fox_face:

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Release date? More balance changes? Bug fixes? modCheck

if it didnt work inside m+ i wouldnt care, but being held back in content aka m+ due lack of raid progress/luck, is not my way of fun.

Pretend you have it, but it doesn’t work in Mythic+… then, when it drops for you, pretend Blizz decided to make it work in Mythic+ after all.

it will never drop for me, as i wont join a guild good enough for mythic CE early. i think i might get hc one, but thats not good enough if u wanna do high keys… most likely i will just do KSM and quit.

The 3 gems bonuses won’t work outside of the raid, only the gems effects, I won’t raid either except heroic and hopefully the difference in terms of dps between the heroic and mythic versions won’t be too big, I don’t think it’s gonna be bigger than 30 to 50 dps but it’s just a guess based on conduits right now, a 213 or 226 barely makes any difference even in higher keys.

If only they treated M+ players like actual end game players for once.

well yeah… its a legendary. if u remember the sunwell bow for example. is just a weapon with low drop chance… has same item lvl on all dificulties… legendary item lvl. at least thats how is it atm on ptr if u open the raid jurnal to chek loot. its not on lfr tho. normal hc and mythic. a leggo item. that bow.


Idk about you guys but I can’t wait to run mythic+15 on both tyrannical and fortified for the KSM. More work for the same reward.

9.1 can’t come any sooner. More like, it actually can’t come. Like, at all.

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