Shadowlands pvp gear fix pls

Sincerely blizzard, i was really excited to be playing in shadowlands as a pvp player and to grind the gear when i heard that you brought back the pvp vendors. the system looked good and i thought that it was fair. however, with your recent update on the renown system in shadowlands and the new ilvl on the pvp gear in shadowlands that you have to farm to a high renown level basically locking u behind a set period of weeks to obtain the high ilvl pvp gear equivelent to the mythic 6 pieces in shadowlands, when the mythic pieces u can farm much much faster. this hurts the pvp community in the way that the pve players will farm the gear much faster and basically keeping the pvp players from the higher arena ranks since they will obtain the much better gear much faster. this way, it will encourage pvp players to farm PVE instead of doing pvp as we love to do. i understand that u want to stop pvp players from obtaining the gear to fast, but this seems waaay to unfair. try to fix this problem so that u can obtain the gear in roughly the same period of time. an solution would be to decrease the renown level for the ilvl 197 gear to a lower level.

i hope you do adress this problem so that the pvp players can pvp and be happy, while encouraging the PVE players to farm mythic dungeons so they can crush the pve content and not both pve and pvp aspects of the game.

Yours truly, ikuze

They actually did!

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