Shadowlands Season 4—Now Live!

Shadowlands Season 4—Now Live!

Learn more about all the changes coming to Shadowlands in Season 4, including new affixes for Mythic+, Fated Raids, a new PvP Season, rewards, and more.

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"* Fates of the Shadowlands Raids – Clear all 3 Fated raids on Normal difficulty.

  • Rewards the Jiglesworth Sr. mount."

Why wasn’t this communicated from the start instead of the initial “any difficulty” wording that was previously used?

“Mythic: Fates of the Shadowlands Raids – Clear all 3 Fated raids on Mythic difficulty.
Rewards three teleports to each Shadowlands raid location on the character that earned the achievement”

Mythic should give something more than a teleport to raids that will be obsolete to mythic raiders in a couple of months.

“Grimrail Depot (from the Warlords of Draenor™ expansion)”

Ran this on time walking the other day… This will be a nightmare for M+


More of a whimper…

Edit: you can’t post the name of the mount on the forums because it contains a “forbidden word”. :clown_face:


“Summons an orb which defeats all players” Please rewrite Chaotic Essence cos it’s a mess.

I like all the likes this post has gathered :no_mouth:

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Is the Vicious Warstalker the first Vicious mount that can fly?

The Zereth Mortis version can fly, and many people wondered if it was bugged. Anyone know?

Would love if you guys also removed the rep requirement for Unity. Just came back to wow and seeing that I’ve got 4 weeks of grinding to do before I’m caught up and able to play with everyone else kind of sucks.

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I don’t think I’ve been so underwhelmed in my life.

I expect this attempt to recycle content will result in abject failure. Props for choosing terrible dungeons to seal the deal with as well.

Low effort. The only positive I can glean from this is its slightly more than no effort.

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What a surprise Blizzard do over casuals again thought they were meant to be changing there ways and listen to players again

no were did anyone think that allowing the LFR to get the mount was a bad thing maybe by giving them a reason to do raids it might funnel them into trying harder difficulties that’s without the fact that a lot of them will have stuck around for the Mess that shadowlands has been

does not seem very inclusive of you blizz

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It doesn’t start for me on the 3rd of august. Because you’re ignoring 'non big 3 ’ players. AGAIN.

So no, I will not play your ‘season of exclusion’.


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this is a so -so solution.
are you sure players will be happy to run again same raids/dungeons?
are you sure people having seen this contnent will be happily doing it again or they ll interrupt playing till new expansion since only ilvl of gear will be changed nothing else…

and here also comes the naked truth
Is a wow player sure he ll get some (not all) some items he is after due to your famous RNG which may declare easily a player uncucky of the year (As we have seen so many times in prev expansions) and get nothing of what he is after till end of year.?(when new expansion hits) …so just turning player’s hope and time to trash…seeing his friends with 1 run have the desired piece and he after 50 runs still trying to get it…

hope ppl likes your idea but pesrsonally i dont trust your rng, your idea how much a players time values and how rewards are given in this game.
also game lacks diversity and pluralism in the meaning in every class, covenant, gear set there are only unique sets of abilities, talents, specific covenant and gear that outputs best results. So out of the window goes your promise “you can adjust your character to your playstyle choosing talents…etc” Big lie. only specific choices give best results. Others differ by far …Is it worth playing a game for so many hours that ony specific talent spec, specific covenant, specific bis gear gives good result?
ask the community not me.
thank you for what u have given but entertainment has other meaning than doing again same things to gather some better ilvl gear…i ll chill till expansion. Have a nice time all others!

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