Shadowlands Season 4 Keystone Master Mount Revealed - Restoration Deathwalker for Mythic+

Rave master season four. :partying_face: :crazy_face:

MrGM did a golden mockup, looks quite good.


Thats the mount I want!

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but you wil lget ugly blue recolour :slight_smile: lets be realistic here :slight_smile:

i kinda wish they would add 1 more mount. for nayone who got all 4 KSMs this expansion

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Blizzard could make it completely gold or completely back or purple, I don’t know but the color they choose is very similar to season two mount.
Not that I ever going to use it because is too big of a mount but yea…

We’ve received and agreed with a lot of feedback about the color scheme for the Keystone Master mount for Season 4. It did look too similar to the Season 2 Soultwisted Deathwalker mount.

Our art team has updated it so that the colors are more unique, like the other Keystone Master mounts. Here’s a preview for you:

Let us know what you think, and thanks again for all of the feedback that led to the Season 4 Deathwalker getting its new appearance.


While its an upgrade, it still feels lackluster… I dont know if its just me being tired of the recolors, but theres just something that doesnt feel right about it…

I liked the version that mrGM came up with that looked more sandy/bronze… Like it had something to do with the hourglass or bronze drakes (sands of time?) we already have a blue/green shaded version, we have a black and we have red… Its time for another nuance, Turning into basicly a sand elemental, maybe adding some sand effects from the armor pieces (something to make it more unique?) glowing runes maybe? Just something to make it more than just another recolor…

Way way much better than the last one
I am obviously not biased at all about the colour


It looks PERFECT! Great for Void elves! Speaking about that, isn’t there going to be any more Character customization in 9.2.5 Linxy? Cause everyone was completely mind blown with the customizations in 9.1.5 and we’d absolutely love to see this continue in 9.2.5 as well and across the patches after DF launches too! Along with more class / race combos

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Perfect is very subjective i guess.

Let you know what we think?

The original one shown was low effort trash. If you can do a recolour that looks 100% better in less than a day then you should have rejected the original crap one internally.

You’re better than this. Or at least you should be.


While it’s a recolour, it is WAY superior to the other mounts in unique colours.

EDIT: While at it, can you actually fix the particle effects on the KSM mounts so it isnt green on red one?

Should have made it pink


I would be surprised if a corporation, risked an intellectual property lawsuit for using someone else’s artwork …even if it’s that corporation’s design in the first place (stuff like that gets complicated, real fast))…think Mr GM may have accidentally crushed your dream.

I for one, welcome the new recolour, it’s voidy, as others have pointed out.

Did I mention how much WoW needs to have a Flying surfboard mount, obtained through PVE?

Blizzard has every right to use the recolor that MrGM has made, as he’s using their model.
recoloring a model doesnt make it his. they dont even have to credit him (even though i wholeheartedly believe that they would.)

hope for dragonflight it will be some new kind of model each season. i mean those are better than nothing, but you can do better blizzard.

Absolutely dissapointed and shocked.
So they were finally going to release the BLUE mount that I was waiting for so long, because it fit perfectly with my Frost Dk Transmog ( I grinded S2 elite set for it just for this) and overall theme, and now they give in and make it this weird purple that was nowhere to be seen in Shadowlands.

Guess I’ll skip next season, and probably quit this game for good. Sick of only dissapointments and dreams being crushed. No new mount collector achievs either. So why even get a mount that I will never use.

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So we are getting the warlock pet as a mount?

It looks way better but I still want more. Why not consider adding seasonal affix visual indicators that make the mounts truly unique to the season they were earnt? As an example, this seasons affix is encrypted, some floating relics or cipher text forged into the mount would have been so nice.

Looks very nice now, and unique indeed. This also has a small ZM vibe, all good now :slight_smile: