Shadowlands: Where are your deceased characters?

Just a thought I had today. Since I am sure many here have killed off a character or two, I was wondering where you would see them right now in the Shadowlands. A small post, maybe a small story perhaps? Lets see where you see your characters are in the afterlife. And since the Shadowlands are infinite, it doesn’t have to be confined to the realms we will play in initially for Shadowlands either.

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Loras is probably in the Maw, but if Sylvanas hadn’t been misbehaving he’d be in Bastion.

My argent sunwalker Taghmata died before Legion, I think, so she’s safe. Phew!

In Bastion, I assume? Or some other realm of the Shadowlands?

It’s impossible to say, would tauren have some earth mother-related realm?

If not, Bastion I guess.

Aedenn Greatmoor is in Bastion most probably. Basic Paladin archetype.

My druid, Edward, is most probably in Maldraxxus. He was one who took a particular interest in the undead and their properties, as well as a bit darker of a Druid if anything. Ardenweald would be too tranquil for his being.

I just thought of this, but would orcish shaman go to Ardenweald due to their affinity for the world and the natural forces of the world? When one thinks of nature magic, tauren and night elves would be the first things most would associate with such a force. Perhaps some classic shaman characters would go there as a reward for their service to the elements?

My undead monk is probably in The Maw due to being undead.

I wouldn’t think so. The Arbiter judges a soul for its deeds and thoughts while they roamed he mortal realm, not for their physical state. If your character was a good person, chances are they’d get a better afterlife. Being an arrogant jerk? Revendreth. Irredeemable? That’d be a ticket to the Maw.

The only one I had who was killed would be in Revendreth because I hated them.

Do people who die in an alternative universe go to an AU Shadowlands, or does the ‘transcends time and space’ nonsense apply to the Shadowlands as well as it does to the Legion? Grom died on AU Draenor, hence I’m wondering. He’d probably end up in Maldraxxus, though, having dedicated his life to the path of the warrior.

Karluk died just as the Burning Legion begain their last invasion of Azeroth, so I imagine he’d be in the Maw due to Sylvanas’ meddling? If not, uh, I’m not sure any of the realms fit him particularly well. Dude was just a hunter, hoping to calmly live out the rest of his days.

Kraggan was a pretty bad guy even for a fel orc, so chances are he was sent to Revendreth. Though like Grom, he too was all about that warrior life, so Maldraxxus could suit him as well.

An interview with a dev confirmed that Ursoc went to Ardenweald after his defeat in the Emerald Nightmare, not to mention the other spirits we see at the end of the raid. So At least prior to the Broken Shore patch, death was not yet broken.

There are countless afterlives in the Shadowlands. And since Cairne isn’t present in Bastion, it’s safe to assume that there is likely a realm for the Tauren as well.

The Tauren spiritwalkers commune with their dead, so it would be strange that they don’t know a thing about these four realms we were presented so far, especially if the Tauren do go to any of them in general.

Not how it works, apparently. Turns out Sylv and Arthas were just bad dudes.

While it’s quite mean/cruel to have it as it was hinted at/written before, that all undead would go to the bad place(or w/e to call the maw before we knew it was the maw) I think it was an interesting story angle for them and also gave them a drive to continue living in undeath at all cost. They were doomed anyway, so preserving yourself forever would be a good idea to avoid that fate.

Now it just feels…a bit more lacking in a way.

That’s fine, they’re still being judged for actions taken post-undeath when we know it’s a condition that changes attitudes, perceptions and beliefs, so it’s still dunking on the undead for something they couldn’t have helped.

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I kinda disslike the new idea with the Arbiter though, because from what I understood it(if I have done so correctly) Azerothians are all basically predetermined to be good or evil and where to be judged/sent to, so free will is no longer a factor.

The rules are arbitrary, unfair, and cruel. Hopefully that’s something they address in Shadowlands. Probably not.

Shaman and DKs should both have knowledge of Slands already for sure. How indepth is another matter, but they’ll know more than Joe Paladin who spends all his time reading dusty old books about how much the Light loves him.

It’s not clear yet. DKs get a quest in Legion to retrieve Soulbinder Nyami’s essence from the slands so:
a) DKs can cross to AU slands
b) it’s all the same slands, and slands crosses time+space
c) There was a MU Soulbinder Nyami who we never met or interacted with in game who also had an essence we wanted

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its believed by a few that the nameless Soulbinder in the middle of Auchenai Crypts is Nyami because they look alike.

Could be, but seems weird we’d focus on some no-name MU version when there’s gotta be better shadow essences knocking around. For a sensible narrative, it’s got to be the AU version, right?

But that opens a kettle of fish Blizz probably don’t want to reboil.