Shadowpriest needs buffs

This video summerize what problems shadowpriest has right now, our dots even does fewer damage then the holypriests dots, our mindblast does 3.5k when destro locks crits over 30k. we have no way of doing relevant damage or rot damage. Shadowpriest needs a flat 15%damage increaese or something. Please blizzard look at this video, I played world of warcraft since 2005.

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edit wow this blew up

Destro is overtuned. No need to compare with it (Iā€™m not Destro spec, just to know :slight_smile: ).
And destro toolkit is very limited to few spells, shadow is more complex and much more source of damage.

I think there are more low tier DPS specs which need more attention atm :slight_smile:

Shadow is the lowest tier spec in arena for dps.