Shaman Utility Toolkit in Groups/Raids

Greetings Shaman,

Been maining an Unholy DK since 9.1, mostly because I liked the rotation and the utility/toolkit they have. Anti-Magic Zone and Slappy Hands (or the occasional Death Grip) to help the raid and plenty of available personal immunities (Stun, Charm, Fear, Sleep) plus Deaths Advance to avoid those pesky push mechanics.

But since the pre-patch the changes to the single target rotation (droping a 45s cooldown and replacing it with a 3min cooldown) have meant me not enjoying it so much. So I am looking around at other classes to try and decide what to main in Dragonflight.

Which brings me to your courner of the world. Considering Elemental as an option, but want to know, what is the Shaman utility toolkit been like to play with in Shadowlands? Did/Does it see much use beyond Heroism/Bloodlust? Has the new talent trees bought in useful utility Elemental didnt have before?

Any information would be useful!

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