Shaman with Sword


Haze - the mighty Troll Shaman was at his hut near Orgrimmar, resting after a long 2 year expedition across Azeroth with this guild.

During this time, he had made friends and enemies, he had fought against giant fire elementals, dragons and even an old god… yet, despite all the knowledge he had gained from both his fights and communing with the elemental spirits, he still lacked a few basic bits of knowledge compared to his (rather stupid) best friend “Grom” the Orcish warrior.

As he sat in his hut and inspected the latest haul of loot from a raid, he grabbed a mace and inspected it, before deciding it wasn’t as powerful as his current one - next… next was an intriguing item to Haze - It was a strange bladed object… he vaguely remembered Grom using something similar in the past! IT WAS A SWORD!

Excitedly, Haze picked the sword up - but by the blade accidentally! In shock, he dropped the sword and fell over - IMPALING HIMSELF ON THE BLADE!
It went straight through his heart, killing him instantly.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the story that has been told through generations of Orcs, Trolls and Taurens, warning their kiddlywinks of the dangers of Shamans using Swords, and why Shamans will always refuse to wield one.


That had to be an enhancement shaman with only agility on his gear.


Well, he definitely lacks SOME intellect :wink:

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Magnificent story arc. +1

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I thought it was because when they swing it they tend to cut their own head off.


You mean my mommy lied when she told me Nirwanna, if my daddy, a shaman ever picks up a sword, the elemental lord of fire will come and burn us and our house down?


There are many legends that have been spread throughout Orc and Troll societies - No,one is 100% sure which one is correct.

If you live near/with Darkspear trolls, the version I have posted is the most commonly believed reason for Shamans refraining from the art of swordsmanship.

I am, unfortunately, not an expert on Orcish societal practices, so I am unaware which Orcish clans follow the belief regarding the Lord of Fire being the main reason for avoiding swords.


I believe the full story goes like this:

The lord of fire was one day watching from th fire of a blacksmith oven to the working orc. He took hammer and anvil and worked meticulously, Day in Day out he worked, respected the fire, and the work he did he lived in synergy with fire and water, its arch enemy. Even brother wind assisted him in a weird looking contraption, both heating the fire, and cooling the work. Brother earth was content in creating the underlying molds of where the blacksmith poored in its lead, its iron, and its other conglamatories.

The lord of fire thought, such a meticulous man, always worshipping us with his work, i’ll reward him. And thus he gave the man the knowledge how to forge a sword. The man took several tries at the sword but finally he succeeded. The firelord was pleased, and decided to visit the man, but in terror the man when he saw the firelord, picked up the sword and fought him. The pain of being hurt by his own gift enfuriated the firelord, and that night when he was sleeping, he burned down his house killing the man and his family.

And that is why Nirwanna shamans are never allowed to pick up swords or the lord of fire will come at night and burn us alive


Attacked by his own gifted creation… no wonder the Lord of Fire would be so angry! Nirwanna Shamans sound very wise indeed.

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