Shamans any good

Hello haven’t played for a while started to level up the shaman as for leveling it’s very good but I heard a lot that in pvp they are not good or they are I’m looking to get away from range class and go melee and I know other class are op but I really i am into shamans and perhaps death knigh are they in the good spot if you geared them well enough and how in world pvp because I like to level up and do some pvp

Things like these always depend on the type of PvP you want to do, namely arenas or battlegrounds. For arenas I believe shamans are quite competitive, at least when I looked at the 3’s top 100 leaderboard. I found all 3 specs, restoration, elemental and enhancement. Based on this data I believe shamans are doing well, but I’m not a PvP’er really and wouldn’t know the intricacies too well.

Well if you are looking to play PvE, you will be good picking any class. DK is quite decent both in frost and unholy and you can switch to tank if you feel like playing a different role. and dk is always useful in raid and dungeons because of Anti magic zone and grip.
but when it comes to PvP, unfortunately there is no room for death knight specs to perform even nearly decent. if you look at top 200 pvp leaderboard there is no death knight. it’s not that you can’t climb with DK, it’s just that you have to play against warriors and paladins, DH and other melee specs that have ability to one shot you. and if you see someone is climbing with DK it’s because they are trying REALLY HARD to get the most out of their spec and only reason they’re being 1.8k cr is only because of their skills but spec.
So I don’t recommend DK for PvP although it’s a very decent class in PvE scenarios and I personally find DK pretty fun to play.
and about Enhancement shaman, unlike DK it performs really well in PvP specially combo with ret paladin makes enchancment-ret one of the best comps to get 1.8k or higher.

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