Sharding is making me quit wow


Do something about this joke you call sharding.

  1. Running at mount speed with no mount.
  2. Lag when zero need for lag as literally no other game does this.
  3. Stuck in a different phase to someone you group with.
  4. Unable to use regular ability’s because system keeps saying I’m not stealthed when clearly I am.
  5. Not generating combo points when hitting.

I could go on, but it makes the game zero fun, I did not join Battle for Beta, please fix before I decide its not worth my money.

p.s. I will not run diagnostics for you, its a well known issue and I’m not wasting further time. I know my internet connection is fine.


Ah! Thank you for your feedback. I’m sure all of those glitches are unintentional and Blizzard will no doubt fix them quickly. I myself have experienced the first one a few times but I enjoy it because my character can swim through the air! I also appreciate how the lag just allows me to enjoy the game for even longer. It’s great!


same problems here cant mount - unmount, buttons not work, cant logout need alt-f4 … and game random porting me to another realms is annoying killing monster with 2M HP and at 20% HP get teleported to another realm and there is 100% HP mob … this is really annoying and this happem me since planet ARGUS released in legion

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Annoying little gnome

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