Shards of Domination Tuning Incoming

We’re currently working on a change that will make upgrading your Shards of Domination more rewarding in Sanctum of Domination. Specifically, we’re making it so that the bonuses this system grants you while in Sanctum of Domination, Torghast, Korthia, or the Maw grow in power over time.

With this change, the Blood Link, Winds of Winter, and Chaos Bane rune words will grow based on the strength of the Shards that are granting them to you. For example, if you upgrade your three Blood shards (Shard of Bek, Shard of Jas, and Shard of Rev) from their base form to Ominous Shards, the power of your Blood Link bonus will increase.

While these bonuses are not yet in play, we wanted to give you an early notice about this change to help ensure that as you spend Stygian Embers on Shard upgrades, you have as much information on hand as possible.


it would have been cool if you gave us an early notice about not wasting 5000+ soul ash on a shoulder piece legendary, as I ( and many MM hunters) will have to recraft it as a ring, same goes for other classes/specs ofc.
or maybe a method to scrap it to get the soul ash back…
but at least the torghats metrics will satisfy the projections, right?


Imagine crafting something before release, then crying that stuff got changed with release.


Please nerf them by 50% in mythic plus just like you did in pvp.

nerf the armor token prices down from 1000 stygnia to something 500.
First you must be lucky to get right slot of the gear then you need to get the right secondery stats.

I don’t understand about what you are talking.
What tokens?

Disable them, rather.


How about we skip Shadowlands and move to the next expansion, that is a more positive reward :slight_smile:


Well in Korthia there is this “armor token selling npc” u can buy a item from the npc for 1000 stygnia send it over to a alt then you click on it gives u random item can be gear , trinket or weapon in ilvl 200 it .

this ilvl 200 gear can be upgraded to ilvl 233.

self i spent like 80 hours got like 2 peaces with right stats rest been dublicates or wrong secendery stats …

Could you instead work on:

  1. Graphic designes of new zones
  2. Story
  3. Removing ridiculous time-gating of everything



There is only one slight problem to get that 233 gear you need to w8 for around 3 month :smiley:

I hate raiding and I probably will not have the chance to get this gear.

I’m going to show Blizzard how good I can be without this horrible design. Who needs this terrible design other than Mythic raiders and Great Pushers?

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make it more like the timesiland armor token turn that 3 month down to 3 days :rofl:

What even are those shards? Why you adding another player quality measuring system, like huge difference in ilvl between those who do raids and those who not, is not enough? Literally half of your player base will not even get those shards… If they will work only in raid thats fine (yet at some point, there will be “you dont have shards, fock off from our normal raid”), but if those will work in pvp and m+, even if at half of power, well you will have even more people angry at you…


They could limit Korthia gear to ilvl226, obtainable with renown 50, and it would be fine as 9.1 starting gear. But nooo, lets make people sit in Korthia for 3 month, doing literally nothing, with possibility getting gear which will be like 20 ilvls behind those who do raids with those fancy new shards for extra epen…

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seems easyest will be going for the crafters mark III and get crafted ilvl 200 for ur alts …
becourse this grind of the gear is a cancer …

Why are you working on that? Just how out of touch is the design team?

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At this point if you are not raiding, you can with calm heart unsub till 9.2 ))) Easy :slight_smile:

Whats funny, there is easy way to get rid of ilvl as a whole and be viable game to play for any player at any time…But i guess Blizz are to “smart”.

allready payed 6 month sub they already have gotten my money :frowning:
and they still dear to give me a store mount to remind me of the misstake i did …

You were lured in with ugly mount? :smiley: :smiley: Poor soul :smiley: