Short story/Memories from Vanilla


what about fatiguing your wisp to death ?


Alas, I was too stupid to try that out. Such innocent times…


My best early memory was when I was playing on PVP server Burning Blade. Leveling with my gnome mage in Loch Modan, I heard about the battle in Hillsbrad foothills Southshore vs Tarren Mill. I started to gather up everyone I could running north through the wetlands, Arathi then arriving in Hillsbrad. What a fun day that was.


This reminds me of my own - slightly better - fate. Searching for Lady Sathrah, the Spider to kill and bring her spinnerets to the temple, I fell over the egde of the world on the waterfall and met my death on a outjutting rock halfway down. I released my spirit, but was not quick enough to click the Ress button while zooming down the waterfall. I could not get back on up again I tried, like you to get up for a very long time. I did not yet know of the pink portal, And I suspect from your words, that it would not have helped . that your wisp can’t go through it. So I suppose it would not have helped me.
I began the long run over the waves to the shore I could see far off … Auberdine. A bit more than halfways a fatigue bar suddenly hung over my head. Oh well Ghosts cannot get fatigued, can they?. … Hey, what does a fatigue bar do after all, will I fall asleep when it’s full, or what. Then WHAM, I was back at the Spirit healer in Teldrassil. I clicked her, read about the option to reveive there, and did so.


Teehee, just what I did.

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Lol i remember Clive Barkers Undying. It was really scary AF back then and i was 20+ years old. If i remember correctly, first levels were tough, but after a while if you are persistent enough, you get used to it.


I used to camp on the boat between Booty Bay and Ratchet, Mind Controlling people and forcing them to run off the boat. :innocent:

(Yes, I was a monster)


So, my second character was this Mage, I levelled him as fire, because hey, Mage is supposed to throw fireballs, right?
One day I reached Tannaris and found a group to Zul’farrak. At one point we went to do the event on the pyramid.
Now, just as the trolls start pouring up the stairs (I had no idea this was gonna happen, it was my first time ever in the instance) this song came up on my playlist:

So there I am, on top of the pyramid, throwing flamestrikes and fireballs into a human wave of trolls (troll wave?) and my speakers are screaming “GO, SPREAD YOUR FIREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”
I knew there and then I’m never gonna enjoy any other character as much as this one. It felt just like that mage fighting an infernal in the intro. I still get goosebumps thinking about it to this day.

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I have 2 stories actually. After playing 2 years Alliance, one day I decided to make an undead and give horde a go. Everything started well, Brill was brilliant. I went to Undercity for a quest. Now it is time to go back to Brill. Hmmm, which way I followed? This way! No. That way! No. I tried a couple of ours to go out of this labyrinth called Undercity. It was the end of my horde experience. I simply gave up, couldn’t find the way out of the city, I was so close to cry. I still sometimes remember it and have a smile.

The second was “the journey to Desolace”. I played my first char without any support from Internet. I heard at my level, level 32, you can travel to Desolace. Sounded fun. It was a Friday evening, I started my journey from Darnassus, which I have never been there before. It was hell of a journey. First time I met with some horde guards. It was Ashenvale or Stonetalon Mountains. Didn’t know they were NPCs. I tried to tell them, it is not funny to kill me many times and they should let me go my way. They never listen! It took me full weekend to arrive to Desolace. It was one of my best journey, adventure, excitement and experience I had in a game. And the feeling of achievement to go there was precious.

I had so many noob stories and hoping to collect them under a “book” when I am retired. I missed having this unknown and undiscovered feeling, I wish I didn’t have a strong memory.


OMG Aerythlea.

I never expected this of you.

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Ditto, Zeppelin.


Imagine if some GM banned him for “abusing mechanics” or “preventing other players from using the game’s features”. Back then, such thing would happen every now and than.

Now, does blue status automatically unban? Or he’d be still banned in the game?


Being one of the last two people alive, as a Priest healer, fighting Drakkisath, dying and managing to just barely keep the last alive member, Rogue, alive thanks to Spirit of Redemption for the Rogue to actually kill the boss.

Have many good memories of Vanilla, that one always stuck to me the most, because of just how low the chances for all that were.


Undercity has an emergency exit called the sewers :smiley: My young son played Hordie, went to Undercity, just like you … and was lost … He never told me anything of taking a lift down, so I searched for an exit for a long, long time. Finally exitting via a drop from the Sewer :slight_smile:

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When the first RP-PVP realm (The venture co) was introduced i decided to make a human paladin there and while questing in northern stranglethorn i noticed a gnome spawning at the graveyard and instantly getting killed by a panther.

I went there, killed the panther, noticed the gnome was level 11 and started a chat. I found out that the gnome was questing and exploring westfall until she fell down a waterfall into stranglethorn and got killed by crocs. Unable to get her tiny corpse back, ressed at spirit healer, hearthstone was still on cooldown and mobs blocking the way.

So being a protection paladin on an RP realm i decided to do the righteous thing and escort the gnome out of stranglethorn, through duskwood, all the way to the flightpoint in darkshire, fighting all the mobs on the way.


Made a NE rogue, got to level 6 and discovered the edge of Teldrassil. So I decided to jump down. And what did I do? I swam all the way to Durotar JUST because I wanted to see where the Orcs lived. :rofl:


That’s such a classic. Never did it myself but i was mind controlled off ship by some a** Horde Priest though. ^^


Doing the whole quest line for the paladin epic mount was just incredible. The fight with the ghosts was so damn hard, we wiped what felt like 100 times I seem to remember. All my IRL friends that played helped out as did some other guild members. Great times :cry: :blush:


During beta, the language barrier between horde and alliance was not implemented yet.

At some point, there was an rogue who appeared in darkshore. At that time, a friend a I were fishing near auberdine. The rogue, who was few levels below us started to chat with us. Good time. Until some dude came and roflstomped him.

Oh, and there was also a day, in stranglethorn vale, where a GM was having fun running super fast and becoming a giant version of himself (also an undead, but in a robe).

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Picked rogue, killed noobs, the end.


Well, at least you played your priest to its full potential! :stuck_out_tongue: