Should Classic have Achievement Points?


As most older players know these were first introduced as an oddity in WOTLK but have since grown into “Link Curve/CE/XYZ” to show your experience in different levels of content.

Now personally I like achievements as a way to keep track of what I have done. I have a merger amount on this account but circa 23,000 points on my US account, including CE and server firsts from Cata and MOP.

What do others think of them being part of Classic? I can’t see how they will have a negative affect on game-play?

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Classic forums are the other way, mate.


Sorry I’ll delete and move it, didn’t intend putting it here.


Nope. #nochanges

I mean I do kind of enjoy achievements, but I only really go for easier ones that are on my path or more difficult ones that have a reward that I want.

One thing I am sort of looking forward to in Classic is not worrying about achievements and just focusing on PvP.

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Absolutely no achievement points in classic.

No. Not debatable.

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Never ever just no.


Why, just a flat no? Any particular reason. It isn’t like RIO or Wow progress won’t be used to see if you have done content to get in groups, so I can’t see how achievements would have a negative effect?

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I don’t know what those are so probably they have nothing to do with Vanilla either whatever they are.

In Vanilla and therefore in Classic what you have achieved is known by others because you either have some gear on you or they just know that you’ve done it. Not because you have some sort of gallery of achievements to show them.

It’s a role playing game not “achievement collector simulator 3000”

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Why, just a flat no? Any particular reason. It isn’t like RIO or Wow progress won’t be used to see if you have done content to get in groups, so I can’t see how achievements would have a negative effect?

Short answer: Because it wasn’t in Vanilla and thus shouldn’t be in Classic.

Longer answer: In Classic your character is a representation of all your in-game achievements.
The reputations you maxed out, the gear you’re wearing and everything else. There is no need for achievements in classic and Blizzard already confirmed at Blizzcon that there will be no achievement system.


You can just write you personal achievements down ,if you want. Maybe there will be an add on that simulates achievements. But even I think that achievements do not belong in basic classic


I’m curious how they’ll design the armory on the site, will it track our progress or will it resemble the old school one. (I don’t know if and when the armory was added in vanilla)


it is not a bad idea at all . I myself like to keep track of my achievements and it gives me a way to track things easily .


That is kind of how I like it too.

That is going to be interesting, and also how much data can be tracked by the likes of RIO an WoW Progress, as in world first/server first etc.


The problem with achievements is that people started using it for measurements, “link achievement to join x raid” for instance, which is completely polar opposite as what classic was all about. Did you do the scarab lord quest in time? Great you can show it by the mount! Did you finish mc bwl aq40 Naxx? great, we can see it on the gear you’ve received. Did you do grind x reputation? you’ll be able to advertise certain crafting. It is not needed. Ontop of that its a change, and the developers and community is really adamant about that, no changes!


Absolutely not.

If you want your own personal achievement tracker then hop onto Excel and create your own list of goals

(Lantiia) #16

If achievements could be kept as a purely personal list of what you have accomplished then I wouldn’t mind having them in. However as has been stated they will either be used in game as something you have to link to get a place in a raid, or the data will be accessible using mods so that people will know it any way. I personally would prefer it if there was no way to check another characters achievements, gear, build, etc., it would keep some of the cookie cutter elitism out of it and you would build a team on how a person played their character not on what they were wearing or how their talents were set.

  1. To me no changes to the combat and gearing system fine. However I don’t get the “classic fundamentalism” of people re things like achievements. As is the developers are making changes and things like hunter kiting of bosses to Stormwind won’t be able to be done, which to me is far more about what classic was about change wise.

  2. I don’t think link achieve will be a big thing. If anything RIO will be in classic just as much as it is in retail providing that the data can be pulled from Blizzard’s servers. Vanilla may not have been elitist early on but Classic will be and anyone thinking it won’t is in for a big disappointment.

  3. If I’m making a group and you come all the way to wherever I am and can’t show that mount/armor/whatever else, I’m still going to kick you, but you will waste more time travelling than if you can’t link the achieve.

Even in classic WOW became elitist very quickly. All the achievement will do is spare you going on a journey before you kicked. Don’t think the player base for Classic will suddenly turn into a benevolent society that will carry you because there are no achievements. Players will always find a way over the years - RIO, WOW Progress and a myriad of other ways grew up around this.


The portion who are “bads” I won’t mind being blacklisted by them. I played WOW well before cross realm and both I and my guild would have been pretty ruthless when it came to kicking and not carrying bads, and this never stopped competent players running with us or hampered us in clearing content. Quite the opposite in fact.

Most people were blacklisted for either being bad at the game or for QQing out of order during a raid. They weren’t blacklisted for refusing to carry bads.

I also notice that a lot of people objecting to achievements / databases for RIO to track in Classic are also people with no higher level achievements like Curve/CE/M+ on their accounts. If they think they will fair better in classic getting groups when they are unable to do so now they are in for a bit of a lemon.

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So, let me get this straight: You are not worried about repercussions for your bad behaviour because it’s just the “bads” that will be mad and they deserve to be treated badly anyways because they’re bad.

Boy, are you in for a surprise if you ever even make it to level 60.

You mean to tell us that people that are waiting for Classic and are fed up with the retail version of the game and its systems are not overly invested in the retail dungeon and raiding scene anymore? Now there’s a hot take. For someone claiming to not see any harmful side-effects to an achievement system in Classic you seem to highlight the problem quite well with your latest post. Nice attempt at invalidating any criticism to your opinion though.

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I love achievements, but they have been part of the main problem we have in WoW today. However I am sure there will be an Addon which will simulate achievements.