Should Classic have Achievement Points?


Maybe add flying mounts as well so we can do our achievements faster. We could also add easier difficulties to raids and dungeons so the achievements related to them aren’t as hard for casual players. Also some sort of system to group up with others for those raids and dungeons without having to be in a guild or socially interact with others would be cool. Pet battles.


Yeah let’s make classic Lfr, we just need to remove the mechanics… oh wait. There are almost none.

Okay no worries we got that. I know we make all bosses a dps race were people with badly optimized gear can clear it… GOD DAM. It’s already this way

Alright atleast we can make people que into it automatically. Wait someone is already making a addon for that ?

I give up


Don’t forget artefacts with traits! :wink: =^_^=


You know what’d be cool? If we updated the map. It looks a bit dated tbh


the titles you have and the armour you wear are the only achies you need…:stuck_out_tongue:


Most of them have no decent achievement on their account under feats of strength / raids or /dungeons going back all the xpacs.

I honestly believe there are a lot of people out there who think they will get a free ride in classic.

Serious players will find a way to weed them out, it might have to be an addon, but it will be created.


Was there not a ‘statistic’ system that tracked various things for player? Maybe looking in that direction could be interesting?

Not sure if achievements in their current form would be beneficial or decrimental, but displaying achievements the same way that statistics were displayed (only for player) seems plausible.

Maybe even have it ‘hidden’ until real achievements are implemented.


What will you do with achievements?


And thats where you fail to see what the classic community is for and is about. If you kick players because of missing x/y/z you will get a reputation of this behavior, and after a while the only people willing to join your group are those likeminded people that have the same philosophy.


Which is exactly the type of people I will want in group with me in the first instance. I think that is what very casual players who don’t min/max properly don’t get.


The system you are looking for is called ‘Guild’. You can invite people who fit your criteria and play exclusively with them.


Yes but pugging will also probably be necessary for some of the 40 man raids and I really want to see a RIO / Wow Progress type system so that people won’t have to waste their time.

No one wants to end up in groups where players are either far better than them or far worse than them. That is the whole idea behind the current score system. It groups you with players of your own skill level.


Again. I think the system you are looking for is called ‘Guild’. They usually prevent ‘Pugging’ and keeping the same level of experience/skill is usually handled within the Guild.

As to the PUGS - In my experience it’s something you do when you cannot find Guild or don’t want to join Guild for some reason. Cannot say I’d expect much. Or simply cannot raid with guild for some reason.

Also on the side note, achievements can be ‘boosted’ or ‘carried’ so they mean nothing as a ‘proof’ of doing something. If you want to be thorough you ask for tactics and their current gear and see if they match what you expect - But that again is only if you NEED pugging.


I think that what most serious players will want to see is a system to prevent them being grouped with bads when they need to pug in somebody. It will not be easy even for the best of guilds to have 40 online every night they raid, and pugging and a filter system will be necessary for that.

Also for dungeon runs it would be nice to know who has experience or not for quicker faster runs.

And before you tell me but classic this and that, can’t have speed runs etc., I have played wow for 14years, mostly on my US account, and yes with skilled players clearing anything is much faster.

(Devilsknight) #40

We need a release date as soon as possible it would seem.
This topic has been mentioned and discussed so many times with a majority of people understanding why this crap doesn’t belong in Classic without explanation. I thought people were done trying to suggest this after Blizzcon last year.

The Troll-threads are starting to take over… Must… Keep… Hype… Up.


Oh that’s gonna be a



Here we go again, retail kids asking for more rewards to show off and compare to how big their attributes are compared to the others…


You’re making yourself look incredibly stupid on multiple levels here. You’re arguing for things that people actively want to escape from retail wow from because you’ve grown so over reliant on having these systems ‘purge the undesirables’ out of your valued dungeon runs because you REALLY don’t want to take the time to get to learn about or meet new people or have a place in a community.

Imagine wanting to force your awful systems on players that actively state that they don’t want these systems because it leads to all the negative toxic aspects of it but nope. MR. retail over here wants to continue being lazy and not have to engage with human beings but just dismisses them based on abstract numbers or achievements. Please leave.


Besides guilds also friends list is good…they could extend friend list and add annotations to it so you know what players are ‘Goods’ and what players are ‘Bads’ in your ignore list.


Well I played back in the day and the “new people” or bads were usually left languishing in “social” guilds. I don’t see this changing.

Classic is about hard-core game play, mobs that can actually kill you in the world, clear gear progression, and working to clear content. It isn’t about some having some sort of rose tinted glasses social aspect, which never really was the case in the original once players realised there were the bads and there was the competent.

I’d say the vast majority who will play classic will be doing so for the challenge, and not to make new internet friends.