Should Classic have Achievement Points?


In vanilla that’s more of a grey area. You can raid MC just fine in blues and a few pre-BiS items, not a big deal.

Don’t know about that. OP seems pretty carried away advocating for it to happen.


I have a habit of just going off the original post tbh. I’m curious to see some better answers to the whole ‘why would this be a bad thing’ aside from the prestige linking or ‘it adds nothing to the experience for me’, etc.


People could do plenty of adverse things to complete an achievement. Stratholme run with master-loot, and then ninja’ing the mount for himself for the acievement for example. Stuff like that. Of course, he could do it anyways, just for the rarity, but it would be another incentive.


Finally, a new one! You wouldn’t believe how long I’ve been waiting for that.

In regards to that though, what steps are they going to take towards ninja looters? They weren’t very good at it before.


In 5-man’s nothing. People have to deal with it like adults. Not the end of the world if someone ninja’s, just irritating and someone to avoid in the future.

Raids however, will have loot-trading for 2 hours.

I already mentioned or hinted at it further up in that post you quoted me from.


Surely this could be applied to many aspects of changes such as barbers, transmogs, giving certain classes certain abilities (like Druids a ress for example) etc etc etc

This isn’t a game of Classic with all the bells and whistles that I think don’t affect the experience, it’s a faithful recreation intended to replicate the original experience as close as Blizzard can.


Some of us are clearly of the opinion that we’d entertain the notion of a classic WoW with some of these additions. We are aware that that’s not going to be the reality, but we wouldn’t be overly bothered if it is entirely accurate or not, so long as it’s primarily the same.

A few cosmetic changes wouldn’t bother me one bit.

I’d like to think there’s more hope for something that can evolve even a little bit, rather than just revisit old territory. It doesn’t have the feel of an online game as it stands.

More like, an online MMORPG museum.


Im wondering if people watched the Blizzcon panel “Recreating History” where it was stated that the Vanilla data that they had and were using doesn’t have any of the required markers in place for the achievement system to be put in place, with the implication following that of “and we aren’t going to waste time putting that in because we know the player base doesn’t want it”

Or to go back to the “add-ons will be developed to emulate Achievements” that in the same panel it was also stated that the API would be altered to prevent any major game changing system from being written - for instance they will prevent the API from being able to form groups in Classic so no-one can write a LFG/LFR Add-on, and I would assume that this will be done to prevent Achievement systems from being implemented (this part was around the 48 min mark, I can’t remember the time stamp for the achievement discussion).

I wouldn’t mind being able to track what books I have read, or villages I have visited. But those I can do with a pen and paper and be happy in the knowledge that I have completed them. As for linking for Raids etc I remember this was one of the main issues I had pre-cata when my progression guild had disbanded for IRL reasons and I went somewhat casual due to leaving uni and getting a job that took all my time up, it was then near impossible for me to get into a raid because I couldn’t “link the achi”. does that make me a “bad” player? Does that mean that I was incapable of raiding and needed “carrying” nope I always carried my weight and knew what to do, but all of a sudden a gate was put in the way and people thought I was “Bad” because instead of raiding 24/7 and finding new top end people to progress with I was at work…

Now that is just my position and my experience, I get other peoples are different.


That’s the overall idea with this re-creation. As close as possible anyways.

There’s two agenda’s at play here.

  1. Give old players (and newcomers) the game they wanted, after the destruction of the game.
  2. Legal rights and IP protection. Some copyright laws don’t recognize your right to the IP, if you don’t have a copy of said work. Since Vanilla got destroyed back then, technically, Blizzard didn’t have a copy of vanilla, and thus had a hard time claiming copyright in some countries. Therefore, it is safe to say, that Classic will be as close as possible for that very reason alone. Also why, they don’t care, as they stated, if only 10 people play the game.

While it can be fun to imagine how things could have been. I stand by, that it is an exercise in futility, for the reasons stated above.:wink:


Yes but it is going to be pot luck on the server you end up on. Classic is going to have a myriad of dead servers because people will create toons to have a look because it is free.

So unless organised beforehand with a solid group intent on clearing content quickly you could very easily find yourself on a dead server trying to fill out a roster.


Now you’re grasping at straws and thin air speculation to validate your statement. We don’t know yet how servers will end. But I would assume, that the early sharding is exactly to prevent this scenario of dead servers in the first place.

Secondly, if I found out that the server is dead and I want to raid. It stands to reason to move server.


I also kind of think that it stands to reason that they shouldn’t use sharding at all and that people should deal with the problems as they come, as they did back then, if this whole thing is just supposed to be some very weird re-enactment.


Launch day this time around, will probably be very different than back in 2004 though. Some 200k+ logged in back then, while we could potentially, see millions log in this time around. Just taking the retail crowd alone, coming to peak in, will probably be a lot more than those 200k+.

I don’t have the correct answer here tbh. Too many variables I am not aware of, but the experts at Blizz probably have thought of (We can hope)


I agree and on a personal level I’m open to tweaks here and there. However the reality is that my version of Vanilla will look different to yours, which will look different to the next guy and so on and so forth. Ultimately an authentic as possible experience delivers something with minimal arguments.

As soon as you start making QOL tweaks it devolves into s### slinging threads with people for one change and against the next.

The “nochanges” experience delivers with absolute compromise.

(Timoris) #163

Just here to say no thanks to any achievement tracking of sort.

Since there is no transmog or other weird mechanics it is pretty easy to tell who has achieved what in the game.


Yeah, we wont need an add on for that, the retail “normies” won’t reach level 60 before phase 4 ,if at all

(Darkelth) #165

I don’t think it’s the whole rio problem thst is the issue (players will find a way to fill this vetting role somehow).

Having achievements converts the game from a world to be lived in into a list of tasks to be ticked off. This can be very rewarding (mmm, that dopamine hit from getting an achieve!), but is utterly against the spirit of Classic.

It also leads to the current retail situation of players requiring new content constantly to keep them engaged, rather than just enjoying the incredible wow world.


There are plenty of people playing retail who will play through classic and go back to retail.

Willpower because levelling is slower is not a test of skill. And besides outside of essential quests those seeking to clear content timely will power level in dungeons.


A) I do want stats, keep track how much gold I loot, monsters I kill, deaths etc.

B) Achievements could be private only so you can’t even link them if someone asks you to.

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I don’t see anything bad about them, but nothing particularly good either. Seeing that a lot of people would be BOUND to have having them In classic because #nochanges and everything - I don’t think they should be included.
It’s not a major feature, like transmog or updated models that COULD incite a debate.