Should Hot Rod become a mount?


Open google, write “Keys to the Hot Rod” add WoW if needed. There you found out what this is about :smiley:

(SouldefĂ­ler) #20

Oh I know what you mean now. Only time I looked forward to playing a goblin… charging round a town of hellfire looking for “macaroons”


Worgen? :thinking:


Only if they’re all sticking their heads off the side of the hot rod with their tongues sticking out

(Chocoh) #23

Depends which hot rod we’re talking about. A certain part of me is my hot rod :no_mouth:.


Dude… I won’t even… XD


Now that I’m thinking about it, we should use those three seats for our battle pet teams


Ok, here we go. Make this mount as a reward from an achievement or something else related with pets. With your team on the back seats.

(Punyelf) #27

It would be a fun addition to the game. We have other ground mounts that can carry two passengers so I don’t see why not.


Yes, yes!!! Now THAT I’d pay real money for. It was always a bummer that you spend the Goblin starting zone riding around in your hotrod but then you never get to ride in it again and it was always a real shame to me.

Flying mounts having multiple seats I can see why it’s awkward, but ground mounts should be able to have at least two seats because we’ve seen it with grand expedition yak, the mammoth and now the brutosaur. It wouldn’t hurt to pay Goblin players especially this one big homageand give us the hotrod in game!


They could even do a Gnome version so Allys wouldn’t QQ of course.

(Laineth) #30

I only saw that mount ONCE while leveling my gob.
Then completely forgot it existed…

WTF Blizz, just give Horde the mount lol

(Solithrien) #31

Give us that updated Gnomish Plane model from Mechagon and we’ll be more than happy. :+1:

(Laineth) #32

100% :blue_heart:


I wouldn’t mind at all if that was the deal, I mean I would like a plane sure, but I’d much rather have the Hot Rod. What can I say? I like ground mounts, driving/riding around exploring/enjoying the world. Sure I like flying mounts too but just when I am in a hurry to go somewhere, when I am “just playing” I’d rather go on my ground mount anyway, so sure fine by me.


I was so upset that the plane of sorts was made into RaF and not engineer BoE mount .
And this hotrod should be a mount and replace the bike they can no longer get.


Didn’t think about that option, if getting the bike will never happen due to legal reasons then I guess having the car instead could be nice. Just don’t know if it would be totally fair, but I guess it is more fair than not having any? Idk, good idea tho…

As far as the planes go, yeah I think somwhere along the line would be nice to have at least 1 in eng, we have choppers and rockets, there’s already plenty of plane models in the game since WotLK, and newer ones too, so I don’t see why not.


Well i do think it would be fair to even it up somewhat we still have our bike and we lost .
In the great scheme of things items like mounts /pets/toys should never be removed.
I understand legal reason for the bike though.


I guess you are right.

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He means his nose.