Should I transfer to Draenor?

As a title says, should I?

I like to see world alive and people running when I’m doing quests. I’m playing between hours 11:00-14:00, 00:00-05:00 and it kinda hurts when I see empty Orgrimmar at 3 am. I made one char to see how it goes on Draenor and there are many people, doesnt matter if its late or not. I’m playing on Defias Brotherhood as Horde. Im doing mythic+ and raids, sometimes I opt for PvP. Server status says its high but nah, i dont feel it.

Also, how is balance? I mean, I would like to see like 49% vs 51% population than 20% vs 80%. Are there queues when I want to log in?

Can you give me some advices?

Stay clear from Draenor → Toxic Children often choose the most popular realm.
Stay clear from Tarren Mill → Echo tryhards with gigantic ego’s infested realm.
Stay clear from Kazzak → I have no idea why, but its become a meme in our guild that ppl from Kazzak are by default toxic…

Ofcourse this is my personal experience and can differ person to person.
But i’d personally recommend Twisting Nether.

Doesn’t exist in retail afaik.
Warmode is infested by Alliance in every realm because 1 horde realm gets connected with 5-6 alliance realms.

Just before a expansion launch you would be testing it, draenor servers have collasped in both SL and BFA launch


i have recently done it and i must admit i regret moving to draenor, what kiyouraah said is true, also alot of ego’s

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