Shroud 8.2


“Shroud” needs to have 10min debuff for all party members same as Bloodlust/Heroism.

Developers nerf Outlaws blade flury from 45% to 30%, yes it was right step but why developers ignore Sublety? it needs massive damage boost!

(Vulrin) #2

Giving sub a damage boost breaks it, not fixes it. Its likely pending -another- rework and since no major class reworks are in the chute till 9.0, sub is just going to have to sit on the bench like old demo lock.

  1. Shroud just must be nerfed by debuff. All types of shroud (Arcane mage shroud also). This ability is just too OP in m+

  2. Balancing game is the easiest part of development. The global problem of wow class balance is in company management which stops developers creativity.

  3. You can fix and ballance all rogues specs in one step, for example:

  • (outlaw) BF was nerfed from 45% to 30% ?
  • (assassination) boost Rupture damage by 10%
  • (sublety) boost Eviscerate and Melee by 10%

or something else, here are many easy ways how to fix it. What would happen after this small changes? nothing, just game will be much balanced …

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